9K22 Tunguska Anti-Aircraft Weapon. ЗСУ 9К22 “Тунгуска”

9K22 Tunguska Anti-Aircraft Weapon. ЗСУ 9К22 “Тунгуска”

A couple of nice surface grinding manufacturer photos I discovered:

9K22 Tunguska Anti-Aircraft Weapon. ЗСУ 9К22 “Тунгуска”

Image by Peer.Gynt
Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps

The 2K22 Tunguska (Russian: 2К22 &quotТунгуска&quot English: Tunguska) is a Russian tracked self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon armed with a surface-to-air gun and missile system. It is created to supply day and night protection for infantry and tank regiments against low-flying aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles in all weather conditions. Its NATO reporting name is SA-19 &quotGrison&quot.
Improvement of the system started on 8 June 1970, at the request of the Soviet Ministry of Defence the KBP Instrument Style Bureau in Tula beneath the guidance of the appointed Chief Designer AG Shipunov started perform on a 30 mm anti-aircraft system as a replacement for the 23 mm ZSU-23-4.
The project which was provided the designation &quotTunguska&quot was a response to the observed shortcoming of the ZSU-23-four (quick range and no early warning) and a counter to new ground attack aircraft in improvement such as the A-10 Thunderbolt II which was made to be highly resistant to 23 mm cannons. Research were performed and demonstrated that a 30 mm cannon would require two-to-3 instances fewer shells to destroy a given target than the 23 mm cannon of the ZSU-23-4, and that firing at a MiG-17 (or similarly at, in case of war, NATO’s Hawker Hunter or Fiat G.91) flying at 300 m/s, with an identical mass of 30 mm projectiles would result in a kill probability of 1.5 occasions greater than with 23 mm projectiles. An improve in the maximum engagement altitude from two,000 to 4,000 m and improved effectiveness when engaging lightly armoured ground targets have been also cited.
The initial needs set for the method have been to attain twice the functionality in terms of range, altitude and combat effectiveness than the ZSU-23-4, in addition the method need to have a reaction time no greater than 10 seconds. Due to the similarities in fire handle of artillery and missiles it was decided that Tunguska would be a combined gun and missile method. By combining guns and missiles, the system is a lot more successful than the ZSU-23-4, engaging targets at long-variety with missiles, and shorter range targets with guns.
In addition to KBP as the major contractor other members of the Soviet military industrial complicated have been involved in the project, the chassis were developed at the Minsk tractor factory, the radio gear at the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Factory Ulyanovsk, guidance and navigational systems by VNII &quotSignal&quot and optics had been developed by the Leningrad Optical Mechanical Association LOMO.
Nonetheless development was slowed amongst 1975 and 1977 right after the introduction of the 9K33 Osa missile method, which seemed to fill the very same requirement but with greater missile overall performance. Right after some considerable debate it was felt that a purely missile based program would not be as powerful at dealing with really low flying attack helicopters attacking at quick variety with no warning as had been confirmed so productive in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. Since the reaction time of a gun method is around 8–10 seconds, compared to the reaction time of missile-based technique, around 30 seconds, improvement was restarted.
The initial designs have been completed in 1973 with pilot production completed in 1976 at the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Factory. Technique testing and trials have been conducted in between September 1980 and December 1981 on the Donguzskom variety. It was officially accepted into service on 8 September 1982 and the initial version designated 2K22/2S6, with four missiles in the prepared to fire position (two on every side). The Tunguska entered into restricted service from 1984 when the initial batteries have been delivered to the army.
After a limited production run of the original 9K22, an improved version designated 2K22M/2S6M entered service in 1990. The 2K22M featured several improvements with eight prepared-to-fire missiles (four on each and every side) as properly as modifications to the fire manage applications, missiles and the basic reliability of the system.

Tunguska underwent additional improvement when in 2003 the Russian armed forces accepted the Tunguska-M1 or 2K22M1 into service. The M1 introduced the new 9M311-M1 missile which produced a number of changes allowing the 2K22M1 to engage little targets like cruise missiles by replacing the eight-beam laser proximity fuze with a radio fuse. Further modification afforded higher resistance to infrared countermeasures by supplementing the missile tracking flare with a pulsed IR beacon. Other improvements integrated an increased missile range to ten km, enhanced optical tracking and accuracy, enhanced fire handle co-ordination amongst components of a battery and the command post. Overall the Tunguska-M1 has a combat efficiency 1.3–1.5 instances greater than the Tunguska-M.

The Tunguska loved ones was till lately a special and very competitive weapons method, even though in 2007 the Pantsir gun and missile technique entered production at KBP—a descendant of the Tunguska, the Pantsir technique provides even higher overall performance than its predecessor.

Kind Surface-to-air missile

Spot of origin- Soviet Union
Service history-In service 1982–present
Used by Belarus, India, Morocco, Myanmar, Russia, former Soviet Union, Ukraine
Production history
Designer – KBP Instrument Style Bureau
Created 1970–1980
Manufacturer KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Developed – 1976–present
Variants: 9M311, 9M311K, 9M311-1, 9M311M, 9M311-M1, 57E6
Specifications (9M311)
Weight -57 kg
Length – 2560 mm
Warhead – Continuous-rod and steel cubes
Warhead weight – 9 kg
Detonation mechanism – Laser fuze (Radio fuze 9M311-M1)
Propellant – Solid-fuel rocket
Operational variety 8 kilometres (5. mi) (10 kilometres (6.2 mi) 9M311-M1)
Flight altitude – three,500 metres (11,500 ft)
Boost time – two stages: boost to 900m/s, then sustained 600m/s stage to range
Speed – 900 m/s
Guidance technique – Radio Command SACLOS
Steering program: rocket motor with four steerable handle surfaces
Accuracy – five m
Launch platform – 2S6 combat automobile
The method utilizes the very same 9M311 (NATO: SA-19/SA-N-11)

Iron Man vs. War Machine (238/365)

Iron Man vs. War Machine (238/365)

A handful of nice machining turning pictures I found:

Iron Man vs. War Machine (238/365)

Image by JD Hancock
Iron Man: Tony Stark, industrialist playboy-turned-superhero outfitted in the &quotMach II&quot armor he developed shortly following escaping captivity by a terrorist group.

War Machine: Lieutenant Colonel James &quotRhodey&quot Rhodes outfitted in Stark’s Mach II armor following it was reverse-engineered and heavily weaponized by the U.S. Air Force.

If they had to fight, who would win?

#238 in the Duel 365 series.

Turn Off the Bubble Machine

Image by Bill Gracey
In the late 1950’s there was a popular song by Stan Freeberg that satirized Lawrence Welk. The immortal line from that song was &quotTurn Off the Bubble Machine&quot accomplished in a poor imitation of a Polish accent. In one particular of the amusement ride regions of the Del Mar Fair, there was a real honest-to-God bubble machine. I, of course, loved it. I wanted a blurry background, so I shot wide open, but as a result only one particular bubble is in decent focus.

You lost, sonny???

Image by JohnGreyTurner
50018 arriving in Hull with a uncommon running-in turn from Doncaster 20 June 1979

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A few good machining supplier images I found:


Image by ronsaunders47
The name DOT stands for &quotDevoid of Trouble&quot.
The Burnard Scott Wade Years (1932 – 1984)
In 1920 Thomas Sawyer joined the organization and, after Reed departed from the company in 1925, Sawyer oversaw additional good results for the Dot marque in competitors but with the onset of the 1930’s recession production slowed and at some point ceased in 1932 When Sawyer passed handle of the organization to a young Burnard Scott Wade. Burnard Wade kept the firm going by means of the 1930’s with a line of pedal powered 3-wheel delivery trucks developed for the niche markets of milk delivery and ice cream vending. With the onset of Globe War II the Government awarded Dot a contract for the production of these economical delivery vehicles which have been shipped around the globe. In the course of the tedious “fire watching ” duty throughout the Manchester Blitz Wade sketched out tips for a similar automobile powered by a modest two-stroke engine and effectively developed this into the Dot Motor Truck which could be produced in numerous guises to meet the specific specifications of the industry for a low-cost powered delivery vehicle. Such was the demand that a lucrative Dot Business was capable to re-enter the motorcycle industry in 1949 with a utilitarian 2-stroke machine with a 200cc Villiers engine which sold properly in the export marketplace and a lot of are nevertheless identified nowadays in Scandinavia, Canada and Australia. The temptation for Dot to produce a sporting machine was also robust to resist and Wade developed a small, low cost 2-stroke machine which could be ridden on the road on an every day basis but, with minor alternations such as taking off the lights, could compete in the well-known scrambles and trials events of the day. The “Trials Scrambler” was introduced in 1951 and in a brief time riders of the calibre of Bill Barugh and Terry Cheshire and hundreds of club riders had realised that such nimble lightweight machines had the beating of the bigger machines previously predominant in the sport and ushered in the contemporary lightweight competitors bikes. By a coincidence of fate 1951 was also the year that the Dot founder, Harry Reed, died. Dot also put some effort into establishing a lightweight Road Racing machine, once more getting into the TT and won the Group Award in the 1951 Ultra Lightweight 125cc TT, the only such win by a British Manufacturer. The genuine demand even so was for Trials and Scrambles and throughout the Fifties and into the early Sixties Dot were a considerable force to be reckoned with in Scrambles and Trials events each in the leading events with Performs Riders such as Eric Adcock, Jonnie Griffiths, Ernie Gree and pat Lamper and in a myriad of local events where the ordinary clubman could afford and ride similar machines to those campaigned by the Factory Group. At some point nevertheless Dot discovered it increasingly challenging to compete with the larger Motorcycle Factories and the demise of their principal engine supplier, Villiers, and the growing quantity of foreign imports spelled the finish of massive scale production.

The Dot Factory nevertheless exists at Ellesmere Street, Hulme in Manchester with the company creating and promoting a variety of spares for postwar machines. The Dot Motorcycle Club actively caters for owners and enthusiasts, publishes a magazine and attends most key classic motorcycle events. A lot of the material for this post comes from “Devoid of Trouble” , the history of Dot Motorcycles written by the Official Dot Historian, Ted Hardy. The book gives far more detail of Dot and is available by means of the Club web site www.dot-motorcycle-club.co.uk.


Image by ronsaunders47
Douglas was a British motorcycle manufacturer from 1907–1957 based in Kingswood, Bristol, owned by the Douglas family, and specifically known for its horizontally opposed twin cylinder engined bikes and as makers of speedway machines. They also built a range of vehicles between 1913 and 1922.


The brothers William and Edward Douglas founded the Douglas Engineering Firm in Bristol in 1882. Initially undertaking Blacksmith operate, they progressed to foundry function, and then acquired the flat twin style of W. J. Barter, the founder of Light Motors Ltd. Barter had made his initial single-cylinder motorcycle amongst 1902 and 1904, and then a 200 cc horizontal twin named the Fair but the Light Motors Ltd. failed in 1907 and was taken over by the Douglas family.

From 1907 they sold a Douglas 350 cc version. In 1915 the engine was placed lengthways in the frame with belt final drive, and electric lighting. During World War I Douglas was a main motorcycle supplier, generating around 70,000 motorcycles for military use.

In the 1920s Douglas built the first disc brakes, and had a Royal Warrant for the provide of motorcycles to the Princes, Albert and Henry.

Douglas motorcycles also became common in dirt track racing and initially the 1923 RA model with disc brakes was favoured. This prompted Douglas to construct certain dirt track models. These bikes gradually increased in size and energy with 500 cc and 600 cc engines fitted to the DT5 and DT6 Dirt Track models in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The engines had hemispherical heads and a quick rigid forged crankshaft. They dominated dirt track racing for about 3 years. In 1929, the most profitable dirt racing year, 1,200 Dirt Track motorcycles have been sold.[1]

The Endeavour, a 494 cc shaft drive model came out in 1934. Like other businesses of the time, they have been struggling, and attempting to diversify into other modes of transport. In 1935 they had been taken more than by BAC, Bond Aircraft and Engineering Firm.

Motorcycle production continued into Globe War II and was extended to generators. In 1948, not long right after the war, Douglas was in difficulty again and reduced its output to the 350 cc flat twin models. The 1955 350 cc Douglas Dragonfly was the final model produced. Westinghouse Brake and Signal bought Douglas out and production of Douglas Motorcycles ended in 1957.

Douglas continued to import Vespa scooters into the UK and later imported and assembled Gilera motorcycles.

Douglas earned the greatest amount of notoriety in 1932–1933 when Robert Edison Fulton, Jr. became the very first known man to circumnavigate the globe on a 6hp Douglass twin fit with automobile tires. Fulton went on to write a book on his adventure titled &quotOne Man Caravan&quot.

Australasian Gaming Expo Trade Exhibition, Paltronics

Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Australasian Gaming Expo report from Sydney Australia – Day two

Today was the 2nd day for the most high profile and profitable gaming expo in Australia – the Australasian Gaming Expo, which is being hosted by the Sydney Convention Centre at Darling Harbour.

It’s a important time for the gaming business in Australia with all the regulation components, accountable gambling initiatives and such, and most of the massive boys of the business have been on hand to show off their wares, with some exhibitors demonstrating important inventive flair to support showoff their newest and greatest wares.

Our friends at Human Statue Bodyart had a couple of physique models produced up in bodypaint (Anastasia as a butterfly and Victoria as a panda) – complete with wings, for major gaming brand Paltronics and its newest game ‘Jungle Madness’.

The expo centre itself is massive – 15,000 square metres (about the size of an Aussie Rules football oval) and this offered a lot more than ample chance for more than 750 slot games aka &quotpokies&quot to strut their stuff.

The Australasian Gaming Expo is by far the largest event of its sort in Australia and a single of the world’s most significant.

We learned by way of the grapevine that a trip for 2 to Las Vegas will be won by a fortunate visitor on each and every of the 3 days of the Expo, and this is compliments of the Gaming Technologies Association which owns the occasion.

We recognize that more than 16,000 folks have walked through the games therefore far, with those in the organization becoming the majority, and no doubt a few punters, checked by means of the gates (but note that the games on display do not accept coins or notes).


Human Statue Bodyart helps make Paltronics…

Gaming firm Paltronics was once once more seeking for their fair share of consideration by obtaining a few body models created up in forest like bodypaint attire to compliment their selection of games, like the extremely popular ‘Jungle Madness’.

There’s tiny doubt that people Paltronics knew that competitors of sorts, IGT, had been going all out with an Elvis promotion (including imitator), and could have also noted their ‘Sex In The City’ promotional stand from last years show.

It really is always good to see Australian firms such as Paltronics take on international giants such as IGT and promotional models are just a single of the weapons that gaming organizations will continue to employ in the high stakes planet of electronic gaming, and the folks from the Human Statue Bodyart creative arts agency definitely helped Paltronics make a optimistic splash today.

We hear that a lot more bodypainted models are on the cards tomorrow (the 3rd and final day of the expo) so be certain to verify the stands, with 11am to 2pm


Shuffle Master promotes The Flintstones Slot…

&quotWe are thrilled to be in a position to offer such an iconic brand as The Flintstones and we feel confident that it will take center stage at the show,&quot said Adrian Halpenny, President of Shuffle Master Australasia. &quotOur game development team worked really hard to provide a final product that demonstrated meticulous focus to detail in order to maintain the higher good quality and authenticity of the television series. As a result, The Flintstones is a breakthrough solution that is not only very enjoyable to play as a classic gaming machine, but also brings the significantly-loved characters to life with entertaining and engaging characteristics.&quot

Because debuting on American television, The Flintstones has endured as 1 of the most recognized cartoon Television shows of all time and is nevertheless shown on Tv about the world. The beloved characters of The Flintstones have been a component of our childhoods for decades, and this new game allows us to play and interact with them in new and fascinating approaches.

Preston Kevin Lewis, Managing Director of Warner Bros. Customer Goods ANZ, stated, &quotIt is testament to the enduring nature of The Flintstones brand that the likes of Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty continue to attain new audiences in diverse locations. Shuffle Master is one of the world’s top gaming suppliers and we’re certain these fantastic machines will supply shoppers with yet an additional chance to fall in really like with The Flintstones.&quot

Made to make a massive impact on the gaming floor with its broad appeal, The Flintstones is a three-level standalone progressive, low-denomination product with a suite of thrilling base games and appealing jackpot prizes. It also introduces Shuffle Master’s patented new &quotmini-reel&quot feature trigger that ignites the player’s anticipation in the course of game play.

The game provides 3 interactive bonus attributes that offer players with the likelihood to win jackpots and credit prizes. Each bonus function evokes classic scenes from the original Television show, such as the ten-pin challenge at Bedrock Bowl, the family members night out at The Drive-In and the antics of Fred Flintstone’s lovable pet dinosaur in Dino’s Dig.

Each and every element has been carefully crafted to captivate players. The Flintstones will feature themed door trims with matching halo lighting, a exclusive character marquee with a built-in LCD best box, and re-mastered music and sound effects from the original Tv show. The three launch games – Lioness, Peacock Garden and Tiger Energy – will be supplemented with more games from Shuffle Master on an ongoing basis to preserve the installations fresh and thrilling.

Press Release…

IGT Highlights Revolutionary 3D Gaming Technologies and a Star-studded Gaming Lineup at the Australasian Gaming Expo…

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 20, 2012 — International Game Technology (NYSE:IGT), a global leader in casino gaming entertainment and systems technology, announced nowadays it will deliver new sector firsts for Australia’s gaming enthusiasts at the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) Aug. 21 – 23 at the Sydney Convention &amp Exhibition Centre in Sydney, Australia.

IGT will launch the 3D gaming technologies MLD™ (Multi-Layer Display™), paired with the unveiling of one particular of the world’s most iconic pop culture brands, Elvis The King®. This new title is now accessible in Australia exclusively on the IGT bluechip Neo® Tower Top cabinet following productive launches in other worldwide markets, along with several new games and items.

&quotIGT continues to supply our consumers with sturdy game performance, the widest assortment of games, the newest in systems innovation and globe-class service, all of which will be on show at AGE,&quot mentioned Eric Tom, IGT executive vice president of International Sales.

&quotOur analysis indicates that numerous players are entertainment seekers who are attracted to iconic brands and IGT delivers this with our pop culture hit Elvis The King®. This game has been adapted to suit the Australasian players’ playing style. The 3D capabilities of MLD with Elvis The King® also provides venues with a robust differentiator as they appear to broaden gaming’s appeal and offer something unique for players,&quot stated Tom. &quotElvis The King® is packed with a number of functions and number 1 hits.&quot

IGT’s 3D MLD™ screens take gaming to an additional dimension in play. The 3D effect is simulated due to the fact the content exists on two separate LCD panels 1 in front of the other which offers a depth of field, with game components appearing and moving amongst the front and back screens. This enables for new game play alternatives and heightened entertainment.

The line-up of over fifty games at AGE reflects IGT’s re-invigorated game design approach with the legendary efficiency of games such as Siberian Storm® and Harmful Beauty®. Further games debuting at AGE consist of:

Black Widow® – a low denomination game with a ‘web capture’ function during free of charge games for the opportunity to accumulate extra credits.

Dakota Thunder® – featuring the ‘Thunder Shudder’.

A worldwide leader in casino gaming entertainment and systems technology, IGT supplies a holistic resolution to the industry and its strength in gaming management systems and new interactive technologies will also be showcased at AGE.

The IGT Benefit Club® System will be demonstrated with new technologies such as Service Window, a little window that appears on the left hand side of the screen. The Service Window can be utilized for customized player messaging and for service requests, adding a exclusive level of service for venues with the IGT program. The IGT Advantage Club® program is proving to be a winner with clubs in New South Wales.

IGT will again be playing host to business specialists who will present a variety of topics which includes game floor design and style, consumer service and systems. For far more particulars on the totally free company seminar sessions pay a visit to www.igt.com.au/AGE12.

About IGT
International Game Technology (NYSE: IGT) is a international leader in casino gaming entertainment and continues to transform the market by translating casino player experiences to social, mobile and interactive environments for regulated markets around the world. IGT’s recent acquisition of Double Down Interactive provides engaging casino style entertainment to far more than 5 million players monthly. Much more information about IGT is available at www.IGT.com or connect with IGT at @IGTNews or www.facebook.com/IGT.

© EPE, Reg. U.S. Pat &amp TM O_.

Hazardous Beauty and Black Widow were created by Higher five Games. For a lot more details on Higher five Games, go to www.High5games.com

Pure Depth™, MLD®, Multi-Layer Display® and Actual Depth™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pure Depth, Inc. All other trademarks are registered trademarks or the property of their respective owners without the intent to infringe. www.puredepth.com. All trademarks or registered trademarks are owned by IGT (Australia) Pty. Limited or its connected entities. All information is subject to alter with out notice. Game sort availability is topic to jurisdictional approval.


Australasian Gaming Expo

Gaming Technologies Association

PALtronics Australasia

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

Human Statue Bodyart

Human Statue Bodyart Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr