A stress sensor for concrete (wind turbine foundations)

A anxiety sensor for concrete (wind turbine foundations)
This metal body is in a two components resin and protected housing. The housing is arranged … RSS-2 X two systems owned by 90° turned. … For universal use, the sensor for all devices for the measurement of bolts is appropriate regardless of its …
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Philippines: India Has A Solution To The Chinese Threat
The PJ-ten entered service in 2006 and is becoming built in Russia and India, with the Russians assisting India in setting up manufacturing facilities for cruise missile components. India hopes to export up to 2,000, but no a single has placed an order yet …
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Program connects old, new to boost manufacturing jobs
In recent decades, US firms have turned to overseas makers employing low-paid workers to undercut American factories. … Morrill and Russo helped Mashburn simplify the meter&#39s design, standardizing components to make it easier to manufacture.
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Norsk Titanium and Premium AEROTEC Take 1st Step in Joint Qualification
“We turned AEROTEC&#39s 3D CATIA files into flyable titanium parts in a matter of weeks under a expense reduction effort that could in the end save Airbus $ two-$ 3 million per aircraft.” In addition to the Norsk Titanium parts currently in testing, … The …
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