Ashbury&#39s New SABER &#39SX&#39 Short Action Receiver


Image by raul_aguaviva
Whose setup, please see on teh image to see the picture’s notes.

Ashbury&#39s New SABER &#39SX&#39 Brief Action Receiver
The SX bolt face, lugs, internal lug abutments, barrel tenon and receiver face are all also precision CNC machined perpendicular to the center line of the bore. The receiver bolt raceway is wire EDM reduce for smooth bolt operation and constant shot-to …
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IMTS 2014 – Flexible Honing Tools for Manufacturing: BRM Announces IMTS
Brush Analysis Manufacturing (BRM), American-owned supplier of versatile hones and industrial brushes, announces tradeshow achievement at IMTS 2014 and a new technical write-up about versatile cylinder honing for companies. The industry common for&nbsp…
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