CNC machine cleaning

Check out these cnc turning milling images:

CNC machine cleaning

Image by feesta
Roland CNC China Machine
it wasn’t working right so we openned it up to have a go at fixing it and it turned out to only need some dust cleared out from one of the supports. Now it has been milling for the last 24 hours.


Image by smellsofbikes
Today I added on a light and a vacuum system. The light’s the round thing with the hole: on the far side are 6 200lm LED’s, with the intent being to put a lens in the hole. The vacuum system attaches to the shopvac by vacuum force: loose connection that the shopvac maintains, but the tube falls off when the vac turns off. Both the light and the vac can be controlled by the CNC controller.

CNC x Continuous Surface

Image by jonolist
Double sided CNC milled MDF board.

Each floor is the same model but turned upside down on every other level, providing two types of space with one mold. The unit can also be linked at its sides to expand both vertically and horizontally.

The overall form is a continuous surface. The 2.5mm thickness of the walls/floors show how efficient the surface acts in transferring loads (surface active structures) while staying lightweight. (personally i’m very happy with this model because it feels so sturdy yet so light!)