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Wonder Lady and Nightwing

Image by greyloch
Saw these two cosplayers while they have been receiving scanned for a 3D printing business the business would then take an order to make 4-inch to eight-inch statues of the client’s likeness. As I didn’t want to ruin their scanning experience (which was fascinating to watch as I am endlessly fascinated by creation processes), I asked if I could take their photographs once they had been accomplished. And voila!

Wonder Woman: Queen Helene

3d exhibition sticker (141)

Image by YeJun3D
3D Floor Sticker Design

We design 3D floor/wall image and print it into sticker in our personal factory.
Principal Goods list:
3D advertisement: for Mall, Supermarket, Square, etc.
3D exhibition: to hold a 3D interactive exhibition.
3D decoration: for booth, house, restaurant, and so on.

Contact: Ye Jun (Mr.)
Skype: junyeinuk

Company Intro:
We’re a specialist manufacturer of printing goods and the pioneer in 3D advertising on floor in malls and super markets.

3D Design and style:
3D street painting becomes well-known today. But till now most of those functions were developed by the artists. We are able to make the 2D pic into 3D one and print it in large quantity. The floor among the two shelves is the best position for doing advertising, but it is typically ignored. Our item can simply attract people’s consideration. And also the advertising can be interactive, so people will really feel happy to share their pictures with their pals.

Our Service:
We can design 3D graphic accord with your inventive or make 2D pic into 3D impact. If you want to see a lot more things, please visit our site.
Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be satisfied to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed specifications.

&quotPegatina 3D piso&quot &quotetiqueta de la pared 3D&quot &quotcartel 3D&quot &quotpegatina pavimento 3D&quot &quotpintura de la calle 3D&quot &quotpegatina 3D&quot &quotfloor graphics 3D&quot &quotbranding piso 3D&quot &quotpublicidad piso 3D&quot &quotconceptos de suelo 3D&quot &quot3D envolturas de piso &quot &quot posters piso 3D &quot &quot envolturas de pared 3D &quot &quot envolturas de vidrio 3D &quot &quot envolturas de edificios 3D &quot &quot envolver piso 3D &quot &quot muestra de suelo 3D &quot &quot piso pintura 3D &quot &quot 3D &quot &quot ilusión &quot &quot cruzar los ojos &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot street art 3D &quot &quot pintura 3D &quot &quot pintura anamórfica &quot &quot callejero &quot
&quotAutocollant 3D de-chaussée&quot &quotautocollant 3D de mur&quot &quotaffiche 3D&quot &quotautocollant 3D de la chaussée&quot &quotpeinture de rue 3D&quot &quotautocollant 3D&quot &quotgraphique 3D de sol&quot &quotl’image de marque de sol 3D&quot &quotla publicité 3D de plancher&quot &quotsur les ideas 3D de sol&quot &quot3D enveloppements de sol &quot &quot sol 3D affiches &quot &quot wraps muraux 3D &quot &quot enveloppements de verre 3D &quot &quot enveloppements de construction 3D &quot &quot sol 3D emballage &quot &quot plancher affiche 3D &quot &quot peinture 3D de plancher &quot &quot 3D &quot &quot illusion &quot &quot croiser les yeux &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot street art 3D &quot &quot de peinture 3D &quot &quot peinture anamorphique &quot &quot street art &quot
&quot3D-Grund Aufkleber&quot &quotAufkleber der Wand 3D&quot &quot3D-Plakat&quot &quot3D Pflaster Aufkleber&quot &quot3D Straßenmalerei&quot &quot3D-Aufkleber&quot &quot3D-Grundgrafik &quot &quot3D-Grund Branding&quot &quot3D Bodenwerbung&quot &quot3D-Grundkonzepte&quot &quot3D Boden Wraps &quot &quot 3D-Grund Poster &quot &quot 3D Wand Wraps &quot &quot 3D Glas Wraps &quot &quot 3D-Gebäude Wraps &quot &quot 3D-Grund Wrapping &quot &quot 3D Bodendisplays &quot &quot 3D Bodenmalerei &quot &quot 3D &quot &quot Illusion &quot &quot überqueren Sie die Augen &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot 3D Street Art &quot &quot 3D Malerei &quot &quot anamorphen Malerei &quot &quot Street-Art &quot
&quot3D стикер этаж&quot &quot3D стикер стены&quot &quot3D постер&quot &quot3D стикер тротуар&quot &quot3D уличная живопись&quot &quot3D стикер&quot &quot3D графика этаж&quot &quot3D брендинг этаж&quot &quot3D реклама этаж&quot &quot3D концепции этаж&quot &quot3D этаж обертывания &quot &quot 3-й этаж плакаты &quot &quot 3D обертывания стен &quot &quot 3D стеклянные обертывания &quot &quot 3D строительных обертывания &quot &quot 3D этаж упаковка &quot &quot 3D отображает пол &quot &quot 3D живопись этаж &quot &quot 3D &quot &quot иллюзия &quot &quot скрестите глаза &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot 3D стрит-арт &quot &quot 3D картина &quot &quot анаморфное картина &quot &quot стрит-арт &quot
&quot3D 바닥 스티커&quot &quot3D 벽 스티커&quot &quot3D 포스터&quot &quot3D 포장 스티커&quot &quot3D 거리 페인팅&quot &quot3D 스티커&quot &quot3D 바닥 그래픽&quot &quot3D 바닥 브랜드&quot &quot3D 바닥 광고&quot &quot3D 바닥 개념&quot &quot3D 바닥 랩 &quot &quot3D 바닥 포스터 &quot &quot3D 벽 랩 &quot &quot3D 유리 랩 &quot &quot3D 건물 랩 &quot &quot3D 바닥 배치 &quot &quot3D 바닥에 &quot &quot3D 바닥 그림 &quot &quot3D &quot &quot환상 &quot &quot당신의 눈을 건너 &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot3D 거리 예술 &quot &quot3D 그림 &quot &quot아나모픽 그림 &quot &quot거리 예술&quot
“3Dフロアステッカー” “3Dウォールステッカー” “3Dポスター” “3D舗装ステッカー” “3Dストリートペインティング” “3Dステッカー” “3Dフロアグラフィック” “3Dフロアブランディング” “3Dフロア広告” “3Dフロアコンセプト” “3D床ラップ” “3Dフロアのポスター” “3Dウォールラップ” “3Dグラスラップ” “3D建物ラップ” “3Dフロアラッピング” “3Dフロアディスプレイ” “3Dフロア絵画&quot &quot3D &quot &quot錯覚&quot &quotあなたの目を渡る&quot &quotsinyim” “3Dストリートアート” “3Dペインティング” “アナモフィック絵” “ストリートアート”
&quot3D vloer sticker&quot &quot3D-muur sticker&quot &quot3D poster&quot &quot3D stoep sticker&quot &quot3D straat schilderen&quot &quot3D sticker&quot &quot3D vloer graphics&quot &quot3D vloer branding&quot &quot3D vloerreclame&quot &quot3D vloer begrippen&quot &quot3D vloer wraps &quot &quot 3D vloer posters &quot &quot 3D muur wraps &quot &quot 3D glazen wraps &quot &quot 3D geveldoeken &quot &quot 3D vloer wrapping &quot &quot 3D vloer displays &quot &quot 3D vloer schilderen &quot &quot 3D &quot &quot illusie &quot &quot kruis je ogen &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot 3D street art &quot &quot 3D schilderen &quot &quot anamorfe schilderen &quot &quot street art &quot
&quot3D kat sticker&quot &quot3D duvar sticker&quot &quot3D posteri&quot &quot3D kaldırım sticker&quot &quot3D sokak boyama&quot &quot3D etiket&quot &quot3D kat grafik&quot &quot3D kat markalaşma&quot &quot3D kat reklam&quot &quot3D kat kavramlar&quot &quot3D kat sarar &quot &quot 3D kat posterleri &quot &quot 3D duvar sarar &quot &quot 3D cam tamamladı &quot &quot 3D bina kaplamaları &quot &quot 3D kat sarma &quot &quot 3D kat görüntüler &quot &quot 3D kat boyama &quot &quot 3D &quot &quot yanılsama &quot &quot gözleri çapraz &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot 3D sokak sanatı &quot &quot 3D boyama &quot &quot anamorfik boyama &quot &quot sokak sanatı &quot
&quotSticker 3D piano&quot &quotautoadesivo della parete 3D&quot &quotposter 3D&quot &quotsticker marciapiede 3D&quot &quotstreet painting 3D&quot &quotsticker 3D&quot &quotgrafica in 3D del pavimento&quot &quotmarchio pavimento 3D&quot &quotpubblicità pavimento 3D&quot &quotconcetti da terra 3D&quot &quot3D avvolge piano &quot &quot poster &quot &quot pavimento 3D impacchi parete 3D &quot &quot involucri di vetro 3D &quot &quot involucri edilizi 3D &quot &quot pavimento &quot &quot wrapping 3D espositori da terra 3D &quot &quot pittura in 3D piano&quot &quot3D &quot &quot illusione &quot &quot attraversare i tuoi occhi &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot 3D street art &quot &quot pittura in 3D &quot &quot pittura anamorfico &quot &quot street art &quot
&quotสติกเกอร์ 3D ชั้น&quot &quotสติกเกอร์ผนัง 3D&quot &quotโปสเตอร์ 3D&quot &quotสติกเกอร์ทางเท้า 3D&quot &quotภาพวาดถนน 3D&quot &quot3D สติกเกอร์&quot &quotกราฟิกชั้น3D&quot &quotแบรนด์ชั้น 3D&quot &quotการโฆษณาชั้น3D&quot &quotแนวคิดที่ชั้น3D&quot &quot3D wraps ชั้น &quot &quot โปสเตอร์ชั้น3D &quot &quot ตัดผนัง 3D &quot &quot ตัดกระจก 3D &quot &quot ตัดอาคาร 3D &quot &quot การตัดพื้น 3D &quot &quot การแสดงชั้น 3D &quot &quot การวาดภาพชั้น3D &quot &quot 3D &quot &quot ภาพลวงตา &quot &quot ข้ามตาของคุณ &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot ถนนศิลปะ3D &quot &quot 3D ภาพวาด &quot &quot การวาดภาพ anamorphic &quot &quot ถนนศิลปะ &quot
&quotملصقا 3D الأرض&quot &quotجدار ملصقا 3D&quot &quot3D ملصق&quot &quotالرصيف ملصقا 3D&quot &quot3D الشارع اللوحة&quot &quot3D ملصقا&quot &quotرسومات الطابق 3D&quot &quotالعلامات التجارية الطابق 3D&quot &quotالدعاية الطابق 3D&quot &quotمفاهيم الطابق 3D&quot &quot3D يلف الأرض &quot &quot الملصقات الطابق 3D &quot &quot يلتف الجدار 3D &quot &quot يلتف الزجاج 3D &quot &quot يلتف بناء 3D &quot &quot التفاف الطابق 3D &quot &quot يعرض الطابق 3D &quot &quot اللوحة الطابق 3D &quot &quot 3D &quot &quot وهم &quot &quot عبور عينيك &quot &quot sinyim &quot &quot 3D فن الشارع &quot &quot اللوحة 3D &quot &quot اللوحة صورة بصرية مشوهة &quot &quot فن الشارع &quot