Cool Cnc Cutting Machine images

Some cool cnc cutting machine images:

As well deep

Image by Bushman.K
That’s not a result of my &quotwork&quot, but I’d like to share it for educational purpose. This .25&quot deep cut was made on big CNC machine using 4&quot face mill with carbide inserts. Of course, this reduce was unintentional, but as you can see, cutter was doing its job quite nicely till operator accidentally reduced the spindle speed alternatively of feed price. Chip thickness improved significantly (up to .012&quot, as I was able to measure later, in the course of evaluation of this predicament) and only then two inserts have been broken. I am not aware of settings utilised in that program, but I’ll add it if I’ll uncover it out.
Look, how smooth the surface finish is – it clearly shows, that coated tungsten carbide inserts do &quotlove deep cuts&quot.