Cool Cnc Cutting Machine photos

Check out these cnc cutting machine photos:

Table family

Image by andreas.hopf
Right after drawing a tabletop shape, setting the height and weight, the multi-objective optimisation grows a number of objects which can serve as the basis for additional evolutions. The table program outputs data for the laser-cutting and the CNC bending machine. For assembly, stainless steel and brass cells are bonded with metal adhesives. 3 exemplary objects were fabricated as proof of idea and exhibited.

Lazerian: Indus lampshade

Image by Liverpool Style Festival
The Indus lamp-shade is portion of a series of lights, which were the result of experiments with computer design and style and CNC manufacture. Every Indus lampshade comprises machine cut components, which are assembled and completed by hand in the Lazerian studio. Offered in a number of various sizes. Style Liam Hopkins and Richard Sweeney