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Shanghai Stampede 2014 ‘critical mass’ lesson: “DEMASSIFY – DO NOT JOIN THE MASSES – BACK TO HUMAN SCALE”

Image by Imaginary Museum Projects: News Tableaus
Shanghai Stampede 2014 ‘critical mass’ lesson: &quotDEMASSIFY – DO NOT JOIN THE MASSES – BACK TO HUMAN SCALE&quot

line 1) 临界质量 &quotCritical Mass&quot (science term/tipping point)

line two) 请勿加入群众 &quotDo not join the masses&quot (social/political term and a negation of Maoist ideology whereby there is always the incentive of the Communist Celebration (who claims to lead the masses) to ‘join the masses’.

&quotCrucial mass is the amount of fissile material necessary to sustain nuclear fission. Far more normally, ‘critical mass’ is similar to the tipping point notion&quot

De-Massify verb (used with object), demassified, demassifying.
1. to trigger (society or a social technique) to turn into much less uniform or centralized diversify or decentralize.
2. to break (some thing standardized or homogeneous) into elements that appeal to individual tastes or unique interests.&quot

… at a certain tipping point the SPECTACLE begins to CONSUME it is personal SPECTATORS, quantity alterations high quality, especailly of crowds, ‘critical mass’ was attainded at the Bund in Shanghai on New Year’s eve (1):

Commemorating the December 31 2014 SHANGHAI STAMPEDE at the Bund

Calling for a DE-MASSIFICATION of competing world cities with their spectacular festivities, all trying to have the greatest show on earth.

What we need is a renaissance of diversified human scale enjoyments at numerous locations, a revaluation of neighborhood and neighbourhood.

A government ‘of the people’ would launch directives and slogans like:




Exciting adequate the Hong Kong ‘South China Morning Pos’t (constantly properly informed on mainland China) runs right now (3/1/2015) an article with this heading:

&quotCensors suppress Shanghai stampede coverage as blame game starts&quot with a sub-line &quotLocal media sources say unprecedented difficult controls imposed on news of the tragedy&quot and the very first lines… &quotShanghai authorities have brought down a wall of strict censorship on neighborhood coverage of Wednesday night’s deadly stampede, as questions mount more than how such a tragedy could have occurred in the mainland’s wealthiest and very best-managed city. // Local sources said the censorship was &quotunprecedented and harsh&quot and officials were worried that they could be blamed for the stampede that killed at least 36 individuals. // A police supply mentioned several Huangpu district officials and police have been likely to lose their jobs more than the incident.&quot…

Of course this tragedy is not simply because of a specific predicament in 1 of the largest Chinese cities, ‘stampedes’ happen all over the planet, in all kind of differing scenarios. (1) Nonetheless mass gatherings, festivities, tend to be one particular of the frequent causes. If a single desires to avert reoccurring than government and city authorities – from all over the planet – want to reassess mass-gatherings and festivities, start steering away from them, initiate gatherings on a more human scale, cease pushing huge numbers in every little thing all the time. Stampede examples adequate that could have been prevented, in the sphere of giant football stadiums and mass-prades, with one current infamous instance in Germany, about which I wrote this essay in the year 2010:

MASSE MENSCH GERMANY: FROM Adore PARADE TO Really like STAMPEDE or how really like was lost in a crowd July 24, 2010 by Tjebbe van Tijen.…

(1) Crucial MASS I quote a web page from the South China Morning Post with this big size image (2250×3000 pixels)…. (this as direct access to the news paper’s web site for a certain web page might be limited):

&quotA mainland photojournalist at the scene of the New Year’s Eve stampede in Shanghai sensed one thing was wrong minutes just before the crush started. Recalling his narrow brush with death, Guo Xianzhong, 36, a Southern Metropolis News photographer going to from Guangzhou, stated the Bund seemed overcrowded as he waited to ring in the new year. Guo was capable to escape the crush and the photographs and video he took from the centre of the stampede captured the incident in vivid detail, going viral on the web. They supplied a blow-by-blow account of the stampede prior to official accounts were released. They also helped to set the record straight about some misunderstandings, including claims that the stampede was linked to a scramble for coupons to a nearby nightclub. &quotThe location was certainly overcrowded, there have been screams and cries. My instinct as a journalist told me something’s going to come about,&quot Guo said. He mentioned he climbed onto a rubbish bin, and from there managed to get on leading of a wall beside the staircase exactly where the stampede took location. That spot gave him not only safety from the crush but also a complete view of what occurred on the ground.&quot
This is a direct hyperlink to that image:…

(2) List of human stampedes on Wikipedia

When In Rome

Image by danielle_blue
a Symbiotic Celebration at Ground Zero

When In Rome

Image by danielle_blue
a Symbiotic Celebration at Ground Zero