Cool Gear Grinding pictures

Some cool gear grinding photos:

The Sad Dragonfly.

Image by Hammonton Photography
Rest in Peace, Sad Dragonfly.
&gtFor these of you who do not know a lot about dragonflies here is my &quotSad Dragonfly&quot story from nowadays &amp a few facts. ♥ I love dragonflies… &amp nicely, bugs!

&gtWhen I discovered him he was struggling, sad, &amp broken.. literally.
He had just gotten in a fight with another male dragonfly, probably more than a mate or lunch. When male dragonflies fight generally it is until the death, they grab the other’s wings &amp twist – &amp rip them off.
&gtDragonflies have six legs, but they cannot stroll. They can only fly or land. Strange. Nevertheless, when dragonflies fight &amp shed- they can no longer survive.

I found &quotThe Sad Dragonfly&quot today in my field. I was trying to figure out what was incorrect with him, and then I saw his wings had been torn. He could not walk, so he was just kind of flapping his wings &amp not moving very far. Then I remembered that dragonflies cannot walk, and I felt the require to step in.

When I see an insect suffering/dying normally I move it to a secure location, that way it is not place through any a lot more pain. [I cannot imagine leaving an insect on the ground helpless to be eaten alive by ants or a bird.. Even if that is Mother Nature’s way- not when I can aid it.]

So I brought him inside, I fed him insects &amp tonight he died.
He had so significantly power- you’d believe he would be fine, but he knew he couldn’t go on &amp he let go.

RIP Sad Dragonfly. ♥

cease , drop & drag

Image by ATOMIC Hot Links

Double Rainbow in Door County – Mark II

Image by elviskennedy
Elvis was meandering the backroads of Wisconsin, hunting for a excellent spot to photograph however another Door County sunset, when he turned about and was stunned to see this double rainbow. The road and the power lines ruined any vista near the roadway, so Elvis speedily grabbed his gear and headed out on foot. Rainbows are fleeting, there is no time to waste!

Then the rain started falling – in buckets. Undeterred, Elvis set up his Nikon D800 equipped with the Nikon 14-24mm lens and began firing.

Knowing how important it is to be ready (you never ever overlook some of these cub scout rules) Elvis had, just before leaving the cabin, set up the D800 to shoot 7-shot sequences, varying the shutter speed to develop photographs with exposure values of -3, -two, -1, , +1, +two and +3. The camera was also attached to the tripod and lying on the back seat – ready for action.

This allowed Elvis to focus (no pun intended) on the framing of the photographs even although he, and the camera/lens, have been receiving drenched.

In just a couple of minutes, the rainbow vanished.

Wiping down the gear and coming down from the adrenaline rush Elvis realized, as soon as once again, what a fortunate boy he is. Not only had he been fortunate adequate to be in the right place, at the correct time, he also got to knowledge life in all of its wonder.

Sight: The gorgeous and spectacular rainbow of colors in the sky, the clouds, the trees, the field and of course, the massive, bold arch overhead.

Sound: Rain splattering on the ground, on Elvis’ head and on the camera gear, punctuated by distant, rolling thunder.

Smell: The freshly reduce hay. The air, ionized by the passing storm.

Touch: The warm sun reduce by the cold raindrops. The warm breeze. The sharply reduce hay underfoot.

Taste: Even though the newly cut hay and freshness from the rain were practically adequate to taste, a large piece of tiramisu would have been amazing.

All that makes for a pot ‘o gold at the end of any rainbow. What a wonderful evening!

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