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River Cam … HDR

Image by Emil9497 Photography & Art
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Most of the times, human intervention with the environement produces ugly results … There are sometimes nonetheless, that this intervention adds drastically to the beauty of a place and its added worth … This is basically one particular of these instances !!!

You are seeking at the river Cam … The river that along with its bridge gave its name to the globe renowned city of the homonym University … I should confess that English people do know how to shape their atmosphere, how to make it breathe out a lordly atmosphere …. Not even as soon as did I see a stray dog, not even once did I see a litter fallen on the ground …

Such an imposing environmet truly obliges you to behave gently to it … Nicely completed my English close friends !!! Effectively completed !!!!

EXIF: NIKON D90 with Nikon Nikkor 18-55 mm lens, Manual mode, f 9, ISO 250, focal length 18 mm, manual exposure selection and white balance, shutter speed 1/50 s, HDR produced by only a single original shot, the scene’s lighting situations are accurately conveyed to the viewer, flash did not fire, no tripod ….

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