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Image by ronsaunders47
The Triumph TR5 Trophy was a British motorcycle produced by Triumph Motorcycles at their Meriden factory. Based on the Triumph Speed Twin, the TR5 was a trials machine created for off road use with a higher level two into a single exhaust and very good handling on public roads. [1] The name ‘Trophy’ came from the three ‘specials’ that Triumph built for the Italian International Six Day Trials in 1948, which went on to win 3 gold medals and the manufacturers group trophy.[two] Featuring prominently in the AMC &quotClass C&quot racing till 1969, the American export models included elements from rhe Triumph Tiger 100 to generate a motorcycle for desert competitors.[three]

From 1951 the 498cc engine (utilised as aircraft generators throughout World War II was updated with a new alloy barrels and heads. The TR5 was replaced with a new variety of unit building twins in 1959.[two] The Trophy name was resurrected for the Triumph TR6 Trophy in 1970 and the Trophy 500 (T100C) in 1971, which in turn was replaced by the Triumph Trophy Trail (TR5T) in 1973. The Hinckley Triumph organization employed the Trophy name for the Triumph Trophy 900 and Triumph Trophy 1200 models.

Renowned Riders
The Fonz , a character played by Henry Winkler in the well-known and lengthy operating American sit-com Pleased Days rode a Triumph TR5 Trophy. Both the character and bike were available as an MPC model kit in the 1970s.

In an attempt to ape Marlon Brando and his 6T Triumph Thunderbird, James Dean bought a Triumph TR5 Trophy. Phil Stern’s popular series of photographs of Dean show him upon this bike which although sold right after the actor’s untimely death, was recovered and restored prior to getting displayed at the James Dean Museum in Fairmount, Indiana.