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blast off!

Image by uteart
showing some fire right here… in the Large view:

For 9 days, each and every day one more trade or profession will pay for shooting off the hundreds of rockets. the first ones at 6am – then 12 noon – then7pm…. and the Rocket-Castle at 11pm at night.

Yesterday was the Bricklayer’s turn, constantly the loudest day of them all!! I went to the yard behind the church from exactly where they will be launching the rockets. This aparently is not for the public, it is a harmful undertaking and the gates were closed behind the coheteros. And i was locked in with them, nobody has told me to leave… they let me take images!!!

All of a sudden i noticed 5 guys were lighting up cigarettes, then the &quotsupplier’ brought bundles of rockets and the coheteros began lighting them with their cigarettes, holding them among two fingers until they had catched fire prior to letting go. This is a hazardous and essential moment, simply because virtually instantly following ignition, a enormous fire beam would shoot from the rocket to the ground and the rocket was launched… handheld!!! A total of 1300 rockets have been shot up into the air, in a 30-minute time frame, accompanied by a concert of ringing church bells.

Most rockets had been launched, as you see here, bare handed!! Other individuals had been launched all lined up and stuck in some wooden- or metal frame help. Thus, by igniting the 1st a single, some 50+ rockets would explode simultaneously… like machine-gunfire, Wow, what an experience!!!! – I took a handful of hundred shots (in brackets), just to catch that beam of fire, but neither the fire-beam, nor the explosions of the rockets up in the blue sky showed up significantly on my images taken in broad daylight, just a lot of smoke. I will appear for a night shot in my archives, where the beam of fire is quite visible and impressive.

My desk at Operate

Image by metamoof
Here’s a image of my desk at work, labelled with a variety of bits and bobs. As requested by syn on . My phonecam is rather crap, no?


Image by clarksworth
Custom-made helmet for a short film.

The helmet is primarily based on the old brass Mk two diving gear, but with a modern/alien twist. The design of the piece is inspired by peak sci-fi films such as Alien, Star Wars and Blade Runner – function before form.

The helmet was produced from two stock acryillic hemispheres, with a sheet styrene construction on the back. Detailing was with a variety of model kit components, sillicone glue and basic electronics, along with stock plastic fittings from specific effects suppliers EMA Model Supplies. The &quotgun&quot was made overnight from what ever leftover stock I had to hand, which consists of PVC pipe and a number of other prop components (the tip is the nosecone from Derek Medding’s Thunderbird 1). The faceplate with the several lenses was inspired by the Bolex cameras we utilised to use at uni. Concept to final building was about six days, with some overnight periods. The building technique wasn’t my preferred one – with a lot more funds, CNC machining and fibreglass casting would have created the process a lot less complicated, but that would have quadroupled the expense of the costume.

The helmet’s design was a important component of the cinematography of the piece – it is not only extremely reflective and complete of surface detail, but it also has two forward LED spotlamps that illumunate the scenery around it. My part in this film – largely as production designer and camera op – was to guarantee that the art path actually was an integral component of the film, and not just an afterthought.