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Puch MV50 Steyr Daimler moped (1980)

Image by British Postal Museum & Archive
In the 1970s, the bigger suppliers of motorcycles to the Post Office steadily gave way to other makes such as Puch, Honda and Kawasaki.

Puch mopeds have been used in little numbers for each Telegram and letter delivery operate. Its small size created it most suitable for low volume deliveries in towns and rural locations.

The machine on show was used at the Northern District Office, London (primarily based at Finsbury Park).

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Image by British Postal Museum & Archive
Following Planet War I the Post Workplace started to obtain the more effective motorcycles then offered. The commence of the 1920s was the starting of The Post Office’s motor transport scheme, during which it bought Matchless, Triumph, Enfield, Douglas, Clyno and Chater Lea motorcycles. 1 of the biggest suppliers of machines to the Post Workplace was BSA.

Combination machines (with sidecars), although much more costly to operate had been frequently utilized each for delivery and collection function. Regardless of this, solo machines such as the BSA C10 were ideally suited for the solo delivery of mail and for telegram function.

This machine is one of the couple of wartime purchases created by the Post Workplace. The continuation of an efficient mail service in the course of the war years was important both as a indicates of communication and to boost morale. In the course of Globe War II this motorcycle would have been fitted with a hooded headlight to conform to wartime blackout regulations.

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FLOOR CLEANING MACHINE – Supplies of floors cleaning machine (flooring) at Pulire 2013

Image by КИИТ
Suppliers of floor cleaning machine and sweppers. Mach is synonymous with producing high quality firm specializing in rental and sale of motorized ideal according to your particular wants. PULIRE 2013 – это международная выставка машин, клинингового оборудования, изделий и систем для индустриальной очистки и клининга. В английской версии – International Exhibition of Machines, Equipments, Merchandise and Systems for Industrial Cleaning. Уборочная техника и оборудование для клининга от ведущих мировых производителей KARCHER, LAVORPRO, FIMAP, COMAC, COLUMBUS. Мы являемся официальными дилерами и дистрибьюторами COMAC в России, FIMAP (Италия), LAVORPRO (Италия). Специальные предложения для клининговых компаний мы осуществляем сервис, ремонт, поставляем запчасти и расходники следующих производителей: Fimap, Kаrcher, COMAC, HAKO, Nilfisk, IPC, Lavor PRO, Columbus, Delvir, Cleanfix, Taski, Tennant Мы работаем по всей России: Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Новосибирск, Екатеринбург, Нижний Новгород, Самара, Омск, Казань, Челябинск, Ростов-на-Дону, Уфа, Волгоград, Пермь, Красноярск, Саратов, Воронеж, Краснодар, Тольятти, Барнаул, Ижевск, Ульяновск, Ярославль, Владивосток, Иркутск, Хабаровск, Новокузнецк, Тюмень, Оренбург, Кемерово, Рязань, Пенза, Тула, Набережные Челны, Астрахань и др. города России. Узнай больше на сайте ЗАО &quotКомпания инноваций и технологий&quot