Cool Milling Turning images

Verify out these milling turning photos:

Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill, Cedar Point, Kansas

Image by earlycj5
My mom and a friend of hers came to Kansas for fall break. Sue (my mom’s pal) wanted to take images. I did the greatest I could. This was the second quit of the morning. Up early to get this light from the east for the mill. It was worth the 1.five hour drive early in the AM.

I was just here a week before taking this and the trees were just beginning to turn. A week later and I was rewarded with this!

Information on the mill:

Chutes at the Hampton Mills

Image by TunnelBug
In 1859, Samuel Willston purchased the water rights of Broad Brook and constructed Williston Mill No. 1, a textile spinning mill. By the turn of the century, the Hampton Firm bought the property and utilized the complicated to dye cotton goods created at the West Boylston Manufacturing Business. Right after the Second Planet War, the mill would fall into many hands, like Textron, American Thread, and Fuller Fabrics till it ultimately closed in 1962.