Cool Milling Turning pictures

A few nice milling turning pictures I discovered:

The Quays, Wicklow, Co. Wicklow

Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
To finish this week we turn to matters maritime! The quays in Wicklow as we could only envision them. That wee ship is a good neat vessel and clearly nicely cared for OR brand spanking new?

Niall McAuley Was operating overtime nowadays, he supplied all the needed mapping information and manages to convincingly narrow the date range to between 1905 and 1912.

patrick.vickers1 knows the river here very nicely and tells us &quotThe berth shown is exactly where the an old Brixham schooner utilized to be. Probably much better identified as the Susan Vittery, ex Brooklands. A record holder on the fruit run from the Azores, sunk in a gale in 1953 close to the Tuskar. When the tide was going down my grandfather and other individuals use to rake for mussels on the reduce arches of the river. The scene shown does not appear a lot distinct than seventy years ago !

Photographer: Robert French

Collection: The Lawrence Photograph Collection

Date: between ca.1905 – 1912

NLI Ref: L_ROY_09470

You can also view this image, and several thousands of other folks, on the NLI’s catalogue at

Kungsparken, Malmö, Sweden

Image by Maria Eklind
Spring 2014