Cool Precision Turning Parts photos

Some cool precision turning parts photos:

Three Jaw Chuck – All Three Jaws Removed

Image by tudedude
Component of the Cleaning chucks series

Additional information and text offered on my internet site: Jaw Chuck.html

DIY half-frame cam

Image by bricolage.108
Right after thinking about how i could produce a homemade half -frame camera and seeing a considerably more easier attempt to achive related outcomes, this is what i came up with.

1st i modified the camera so i could do double or several exposures. Created this by dismanteling the camera and discovering where the cocking mechanism was. Then i tied a string to the that mechanism so it was feasible to re-cock the shutter by pulling it from outside the camera.

Following that i pierced 3 holes in the plastic to generate an axis for the banner that will block off the selected half the frame. Unless you got a Dremmel or somekind of rotary tool this takes some pacience. I used a tiny precision screwdriver and hold pushing and turning it until the hole was opened.

Then unfolded a massive paper clip till it created a 90º angle and stick it via the holes. Prior to that i’ve cuted a piece of thin cardboard (from a cereal box) half the size of the camera’s inside 35mm plastic mask. This is really essential simply because it will establish two items:

1. if the cardboard will not fall inside the camera hole. Typically that hole is in a angle so you have some room for error, but not considerably.

two. the space among the resulting two frames. In my case i produced it to wide so the resulting image has a massive black strip in the middle of the photos. See an example.

Then one more tricky element. You have to pass the tape, already half taped to a single of the sides of the cardboard via the space in between the plastic and the clip, and then taped to the other side.

Ok the primary function is completed now all that is required is to seal the holes to keep away from key light leaks. I glued a piece of sock but i think it is attainable to use other material with identical effect.

To use it: merely pick the best or the bottom frame to be masked using the paper clip, obtaining that in thoughts, shot, then re-cock the shutter pulling the string, pick the other frame and shot. Then advance the film.

It’s crucial to have in thoughts what’s the frame that is becoming masked because there’s no indication in the viewfinder about that. Possibly next time )
An additional thing that i consider it could work is to make, for example, double exposures in just a single frame and not the other or in both.
Also however to try, that may possibly be fascinating is to shot multiple shots with the mask not completly down or up.

You can verify the resulting photos using this cam.
This camera hack got blogged in the fantastic nicolai g’s photondetector.