Cool Surface Grinding images

Some cool surface grinding photos:

Isoca de la Alfalfa Hembra

Image by Gustavo Fernando Durán
Colias lesbia is a butterfly in the Pieridae family members. It is located in the Neotropical ecozone.

Specimens from South Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina differ so tiny that they can’t be separated. This kind is in the male dark orange-yellow, specimens with violet reflections are not rare the black-brown distal margin is not sharply defined proximally. The below surface with the exception of the reddish middle of the forewing is vivid yellow with the usual Colias marking. The ground-colour of the upper surface in the females is extremely variable: orange-yellow, yellow, yellowish or white with grey dusting greenish grey specimens also take place.


summer time right here little ones

Image by timsnell
this is the miroir d’eau – or water mirror – in the centre of bordeaux. it really is quite cool – a 3450 square metre plaza that alternately fills up with a shallow pool of water and a foggy/misty area – both of which are pumped by way of pipes in the ground. you get some cool reflections on the shallow surface, though when i was there these reflections have been continuously displaced by excitable kids who have been running back and forth across the water. speaking about walking on water, i study a funny joke by comedian alan energy the other day: &quoti feel the most tragic thing about jesus’ life is that he most likely in no way got to go swimming&quot.

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