Cool Surface Grinding Stainless Steel photos

Verify out these surface grinding stainless steel images:

Mars: The place of the target dubbed Cody (sol 1108)

Image by PaulH51
six overlapping correct mast camera images of the ground directly in front of the rover, assembled into a straightforward mosaic using MS ICE.

The ground attributes numerous contact science targets, but I have only managed to identify a single of them so far… ‘Cody’, which was cleaned the following sol with the dust removal tool (DRT). Cody was also topic to information acquisition making use of the alpha particle x-ray spectrometer (APXS) ‘before and after’ being brushed with the stainless steel DRT.

I have circled the place of ‘Cody’ based on the engineering photos that captured the progress and accuracy of the speak to science. We can anticipate some full size photos of the cleaned surface of Cody to be downlinked soon.

2003-2006_brunswick centre_maquette for water function_artist Susanna Heron copyright

Image by Susanna Heron
Photograph of the Artist’s model for central space at the Brunswick Centre . Element of the Art Plan 2004

Brunswick Centre ‘Aqua/duct ‘ is the result of function by the artist Susanna Heron in collaboration with Levitt Bernstein Associates Architects.
The introduction of water to the Brunswick Centre by artist Susanna Heron was an integral portion of the refurbishment in 2006 and a requirement of the 106 Agreement which was a situation of Planning with Camden Council.
The Operate was created in response to the central public space and acts as a structural backbone or a connecting ‘hinge’ between the shops and flights of flats on either side. A series of stainless steel troughs mark this central spine channelling fast flowing water towards a huge pool. The longitudinal units interact with the cellular structure of the Brunswick Centre, the pacing of the troughs creates a transparency of movement for folks to move across the space and the pool marks the intersection.
The stainless steel water-troughs appear utilitarian, industrial, out-of-doors and man-made they rest under their personal weight, their surfaces unrefined. The steel is folded to decrease the need for welds creating curves effortless to lean over and a continuous structural ‘skin’ which provides it strength.
A rectangular pool is situated at the T-junction in between the Renoir Cinema and the central space. The container for the pool is low adequate to encourage men and women to sit collectively along the edges. This container is similarly angled and rests on the ground to trap the water in its frame. Circular lights set flush with the pool-base are illuminated at night appearing to float beneath the surface while by day the water draws in the sky.…
Civic Trust Award 2008
Regeneration and Renewal Awards 2007: Very best Heritage -led Project
British Council of Shopping Centres: Gold Award 2007
Allied London Properties