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Image from page 75 of “Popular gentleman system for cutting and designing of men’s garments” (1917)

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Identifier: populargentleman00popu
Title: Popular gentleman system for cutting and designing of men’s garments
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Popular gentleman service company, Philadelphia. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Tailoring
Publisher: Philadelphia, Pa., Popular gentleman service company

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Text Appearing Before Image:
the collar size plus IVi inchfrom A to 2 and from A-1 down to getA-3. A-3 to A-4 is 11/4. inch. Shape from A-4 thru C-14 and D-10 down. D-10 to F-3 is 3% inches. Draw a line from E-6 to F-3. F-4 is %. of an inch above F-3. Shape from E-4 to F-4 as diagram. Square down from E-6 to get G-5. G-5 to G-6 is 1-6 breast. Draw a line from E-6 to G-6. Open the skirt as from E-6 to G-5 and G-6for flare, this can be more or less forstyle. The over shoulder and strap measures areapplied the same as for regular coat andalso the sleeve. THE COLLAR. Measure your neck from A to 2 and from A-1to A-3 and draft. The neck size is 8I/2 inches. A to B is 8I/2 inches. A to C is half the neck size or 414 inches. Square out from C and down from B to lo-cate D. D to E is 11/2 inch. A to F is 11/2 inch. Square in from F. D to G is the neck size. Square up l/. inch from G to get H. Draw a line from H to E. Shape from H to E and from G to D as dia-gram. This finishes the draft. 73 DOUBLE BREASTED FROCK FOR STOUT

Text Appearing After Image:
Breast 44 in. Waist 44 in. Waist depression 2 in. The measurements are as follows :- Scye depth 10 in. Waist length __ 17 in. FuU length 41 in. Seat 45. Neck size 16i/>. Blade 131/4 in. Over shoulder 19% in.Strap 131/2 in. 74 Square down and out from A. A to B is Vt! breast plus % of an inch. A to C is the scye depth. A to D is the waist length. D to E is IV2 inch for fashionable waist length.E to F is 6 inches.A to G is the full length.Square out from C, D, E, F and G.D to D-1 is the waist depression.D-2 is half way between D and D-1.Square down from D-2 to locate E-1 and G-1.Draw a line from E-1 to B to locate C-1.E-1 to E-2 is Vs breast.Square down from E-2 to locate G-2.C-1 to C-2 is 11/4 inch.C-2 to C-3 is the blade measure.Square up from C-3 to locate X.X to X-1 is i/j! breast plus 1 inch.Draw a line from X-1 to A.A to 1 is Vs breast plus 1 inch.Square up from 1 to locate 2.C-4 is half way between C-3 and C-1.C-4 toC-5is 11/2 inch.Square up from C-5.C-6 is one half the width

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