Correct and rapid IR metrology for the manufacture of freeform optics

Precise and fast IR metrology for the manufacture of freeform optics
To accomplish a fast optics manufacturing approach, it is very desirable (since of the higher material removal rate) to have precise surface figuring in the course of the grinding phase. A surface error that needs one minute of grinding, for instance, can …
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Property Fix: To refinish a garage door or not
A: Based on the &quotrubbery&quot finish on the floor, you might be in a position to get rid of it with a diamond blade floor grinder. Concrete floors that have been poorly painted, severely cracked or have a rough finish can be ground to a smooth surface with the …
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Rudolph Technologies and DISCO Corporation Partner to Boost Wafer Saw
Along with offering equipment and consumables utilizing abrasives, laser, plasma, surface planarization, and chemical-mechanical polishing processes, DISCO delivers a assortment of solutions including process optimization, on-site assistance, and joint …
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