CUTTING EDGE: Kyocera sharpens sales focus after merger

CUTTING EDGE: Kyocera sharpens sales focus after merger
Now headquartered in Hendersonville, Kyocera Precision Tools Inc. also operates production facilities in Costa Mesa, Calif., and Wapakoneta, Ohio. It makes specialized cutting tools for the aerospace, medical, automotive, general machining, power …
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Range of Cutting Tool Measurement China Machines
Zoller offers a range of cutting tool measurement and management products, such as its Titan, 3dCheck and Pom series of universal inspection machines for ergonomic and precise cutting tool measurement. The Titan uses five to seven CNC axes to measure …
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U.S. cutting tool consumption down 3.5% in May
“Overall cutting tools shipments were down in May despite many other manufacturing indicators being positive in the same time period,” said Brad Lawton, chairman of AMT's China Cutting Tool Product Group. “This down month should be taken in context with that …
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