Good Grinding Service photographs

Some cool grinding service pictures:

Vlotho – Windmühle in Exter 11

Image by Daniel Mennerich
The photo show the Lindemann Windmill built in 1850 of organic stone. In 1961 the wings were damaged by a storm and the mill was brought to the shutdown.

The association &quotfrom the grain to the bread&quot which maintains a mill court arrangement with water mill in Löhne-Wittel took more than in 1985 the mill.
In 2004 in September the association “windmill Exter inc.” was founded to acquire the monument distinctive in this area.

It issues a Dutchman’s mill.

As a operating platform for the service an earthwork and on the valley side a wooden gallery serves on the mountain side this is a massive distinct function.
Earlier the cap had to be turned by hand. Later the cap was turned by the wind rose automatically in wind direction.

The wings are provided with flaps which can be opened by a hand device or be closed. The mill had 3 sets of millstones, one to grind coarsely (grain feed), one for rye and 1 for wheat (today not far more accessible).

Ground Service

Image by tgoldkamp
Turkish Airlines Flight TK 459 to Boryspil International Airport Kiev (KBP) getting serviced for takeoff at Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST), January 4th, 2015.