Good Turning Machining photographs

Some cool turning machining images:

Machine Turned Gauge

Image by jonnyfixedgear

Up side down

Image by jurvetson
You’re turning me…

Green Goo

Image by
Green goo is a hypothetical finish-of-the-world situation involving molecular nanotechnology in which out-of-control self-replicating robots consume all living matter on Earth even though building a lot more of themselves (a situation recognized as ecophagy).

The term &quotgreen goo&quot is normally used in a science fiction or popular-press context. In the worst postulated scenarios (requiring big, space-capable machines), matter beyond Earth would also be turned into goo (with &quotgoo&quot which means a massive mass of replicating nanomachines lacking large-scale structure, which might or may not really seem goo-like). The disaster is posited to result from a deliberate doomsday device, or from an accidental mutation in a self-replicating nanomachine utilized for other purposes, but designed to operate in a natural environment.