Image from web page 13 of “Scientific American Volume 85 Quantity 01 (July 1901)” (1901)

A few good machining manufacturer images I discovered:

Image from web page 13 of “Scientific American Volume 85 Quantity 01 (July 1901)” (1901)

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Identifier: scientific-american-1901-07-06
Title: Scientific American Volume 85 Quantity 01 (July 1901)
Year: 1901 (1900s)
Subjects: gas railroad munn cents steam makers american electric scientific american organic gas sheet metal sewing machine ten cents american supplement extended island soft coal cubic feet bituminous coal

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Text Appearing Just before Image:
Lraphers use that can be Bent through themail, and promoting for 91 or less. Inquiry No. 977.—For makers of taperedaluminium tubing. Inquiry No. 978.-Wanted the name and addressof a manufacturer of water motors answer statingdifferent sizes made. Inqniiy No. 979.—Wanted the name and addressof a manufacturer of a profitable cow milking machine. Tnquiry No. 980-—Wanted the name and addressof a manufacturer of machinery for shaving off thebark on a specific foreign tree (name not given). Inquiry IVo. 981.—For manufacturers of monu-ments other than stone. Inquiry No. 982.—For makers of appli-ances for light mining, such as gold pans, portablesmelters, and so forth. Inquiry No. 983.—For makers of cheap* efficient writing duplicators. Inquiry No.. 984.—For manufacturers of coffeeroasters and mills. Inquiry No. 985.—For companies of hoistingmachinery and tools appropriate for developing purposes. Inquiry No. 986.—For companies of steelriveted masts for vessels.

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
»mt^ HINTS TO CORRESPONDENTS. Names and Address need to accompany all letters t-rno focus will be paid thereto. This is forour data and not for publication. References to former articles or answers ought to givedate of paper and web page or quantity of question. Inquiries not answered in affordable time should berepeated correspondents will bear in mind thatsome answers require not a tiny investigation, and,though we endeavor to reply to all either byletter or in this division, each and every need to takehis turn. Purchasers wishing to purchase any post not adver-tised in our columns will be furnished withaddresses of homes manufacturing or carryingthe same. Particular Written Details on matters of personalrather than common interest can’t be expectedwithout remuneration. Scientific American Supplements referred to may behad at the workplace. Price tag 10 cents every. Books referred to promptly supplied on receipt ofprice. Minerals sent for examination should be distinctlymarked or labeled. (8233) F.

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