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Schütte&#39s most current five-axis CNC grinder
The Michigan-primarily based business, Schütte is introducing its latest 5-axis CNC grinder. 325LINEAR 5-axis CNC grinder The 325linear machine offers extended x- and y-axis movement plus two auxiliary slides for workpiece clamping and enhanced grinding wheel&nbsp…
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United Grinding&#39s non-speak to CNC measuring machine
non-get in touch with CNC measuring machine This non-get in touch with CNC measuring machine combines a transmitted light camera and laser sensor to scan then digitize cutting tools and production components, generating 3D models that customers can save, method, analyze and&nbsp…
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Centerless grinding types a part
Centerless grinding, utilized for healthcare manufacturing, produces precision parts such as guidewires for stenting procedures and shavers employed in arthroscopic surgery. The CAM.2 and the GT-610-CNC grinders discover robust use inside healthcare manufacturing, with&nbsp…
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