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Photo etching for mass manufacturing complex health-related merchandise
Traditionally, such sharp-toothed blades have been manufactured making use of laser technology followed by precision grinding to attain the needed tooth off-set. Precision Micro combined its laser evolved … Due to the fact photo etching uses simply re-iterated …
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Endeavour Award winner profiles – ANCA
The overall Manufacturer of The Year, ANCA, also won in the Australian Industrial Solution of The Year category, for its FX Linear tool grinder range. The FX range consists of three new machines – the … These provide superior surface tool finish …
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Designing CNC Grinding Machines for the Deterministic Micro Grinding of Glass
Back in the early 1990s, Rank Pneumo created and built the Opticam SM lens grinding machine according to the specifications laid down by the Center for Optics Manufacturing (COM) in Rochester, New York. Given that then, Rank Pneumo has undertaken the&nbsp…
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