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West Chester firm moves manufacturing work back to U.S.
“We just recently sold a extremely high-tech machine to a regional firm that had been getting parts from China that they employed to make in the U.S.,” Knox said. “Now, with the altering dynamics globally… that identical organization just purchased an pricey higher-tech&nbsp…
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Why you can&#39t afford to ignore the net of issues
By capitalizing on IoT, these original gear companies are able to supply remote diagnostics, maintenance, application updates, weather and visitors services, and much more. Not only do buyers get pleasure from a connected experience, but … Automation …
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Manufacturing jobs are open, but skills gap holds back high-tech sector
And many producers are involved in associations or civic groups that offer internships, sponsor education programs and even place manufacturing gear in schools for instruction purposes. But those efforts take time to function and haven&#39t yet …
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