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Herne-Börnig – Zeche Teutoburgia Schacht I 11

Image by Daniel Mennerich
On the 10th of September, 1855 businessman Carl Wilhelm Rüping purchase a claim near Holthausen and created a discover. He called the bed of coal &quotLaura&quot. 6th of August, 1856 he divined the second spot, namely in the house of Gut Schlingenberg, amongst the home Callenberg, the municipality of Holthausen and Obercastrop. The claims were bought up in 1866 by William Thomas Mulvany, the 1st shafts created. Nonetheless, quickly turned out that the pit field was as well modest for a profitable extraction of coal. Mulvany sold the shaft arrangement very quickly.
As a purchaser, the Bochum association for mining and cast steel manufacture, opened the shafts I and II in between 1905 and 1909 once more from and started the operations on the 1st of April, 1911. Even so, already eight months later a heavy pit misfortune occurred. In a blow weather explosion six miners died. A year later there was after far more a blow climate explosion, once again with six dead men and women.