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RAF Tornado GR4 in Afghanistan

Image by Defence Pictures
An RAF Tornado GR4 from 2(Army Cooperation) Squadron at Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan returning from a Ground Close Air Help (GCAS) mission in help of coalition troops. The Squadron are component of the RAF 904 Expeditionary Air Wing (904 EAW) primarily based at Kandahar.

904 Expeditionary Air Wing (904 EAW) is accountable for the help and operation of RAF assets at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. As nicely as delivering hundreds of RAF air mobility movements every single year with Hercules C-130J and BAE 146 aircraft, the EAW mounts attack and intelligence missions by way of its detachments of RAF Tornado GR4 quick jets.

The EAW also provides help for a detachment supplying launch and recovery of RAF and Reaper remotely piloted air systems.

The Tornado GR4 Detachment, at the moment manned by II(AC) Squadron, stands prepared to launch at a moment’s notice in assistance of Afghan-led ground forces anywhere in Afghanistan, and often delivers crucial close air help to supply friendly forces with an edge over insurgents. Increasingly, the GR4 employs shows of force to deter insurgents, assisting break contacts with the enemy with no the need to have to release weapons. When essential, even so, the aircraft can use precision weapons to attack ground targets.

The aircraft also supplies crucial detailed intelligence and reconnaissance through its state-of-the-art RAPTOR and LITENING-III sensor gear, enabling Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing to give ground commanders with detailed information about the battle-space.

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Photographer: Sergeant Ross Tilly (RAF)
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