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Image from web page 1276 of “The Post-Workplace annual Glasgow directory” (1828)

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Identifier: postofficeannual188081gla
Title: The Post-Workplace annual Glasgow directory
Year: 1828 (1820s)
Publisher: Glasgow : printed by J. Graham for the letter-carriers of the Post-Office
Contributing Library: National Library of Scotland
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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Text Appearing Before Image:
nks in Pearl, Ivory, and Gold Scarf Pins, set with real stones in 14 Carat Gold »rooches. Lockets, and Silver Jewellery. Commercial ENTERPRISE. Recently there appeared a paragraph simultaneously in the London press, that Messrs. Grei&amp Cadbuky, of Birmingham, had sent to lady residents in London alone, in 1 day, upwards/158,000 sophisticated souvenirs of their patent linen button, The Very Button —Shakspeiontaining samples embossed in ten sizes on a ground of mauve and gold, and for which the!)f £329 12s. 6d. was paid in postage. This firm have constructed within the last two years the|ind most complete button manufactory, in its arrangements, in the United Kingdom emp|ipwards of 400 operatives, they turn out from 10,000 to 15,000 gross of buttons weekly (tilozen to the gross). Linen buttons, produced from the finest Belfast linens, tailors buttoniind plated livery, crest, and naval buttons, and other folks innumerable.—From the Eiiv^Maiir Sold by all Drapers. THE Quite BUTTON.—Shakspeare

Text Appearing Following Image:
Ask for ik??« Beioare of Spurious Imitations.m The Name GREEN and CADBURY is on ever!/ card. 34 APvGYLE STREET, GLASGC 192 Ads. ESTABLISHEDIS56. ■IS iipii ESTABLISHED1856. 5S CHAKliOTTE LANE. For making use of by Hand or Machine, Created and Manufacturedin Steel, Iron, Brass, &ampc. Of every description Engraved, but specially for Time Checks. Tallies,J j,._^ Labels, Patent and Registered Trade Marks, &ampc. -M Manufactured in all Metals—Hundreds ■■of Samples to select from. ,ABEL8, CHECKS, &ampc. STEEL STAMP Zr MARK MANUFACTURER For Edge Tools, Bar and Sheet Iron, Brass, AVood, &ampc. CAST STEEL LETTERS &amp FIGURES. Hundreds of Sets in Stock from one-sixteenth to half an inch. Fine—for Plans, Dimensions, &ampc.Large—for Shippers, Bags, Bales, Boxes, &ampc. STENCIL BRUSHES &amp Solid INK. Usually in Stock, ] .viOULDERS Pattern Letters, Name Plates, Sc. Hundreds of Sets, from one particular-fourth of an inch to two inches, often in Stock. CONFECTIONERS MOTTO STAMPS ^very

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BOAC 707

Image by caribb
A Blast from the Previous – from slide to film then scanned..
-This was one more considerable trip for me…. the one particular that genuinely sparked my interest in aviation. It really is my very first trip that I have a conscious memory of.. YUL-LHR-YUL. I recall wanting to fly a VC-10, the plane of the day that was most fascinating for me however we ended up on a 707 which initially disappointed me…nevertheless, I loved it so significantly I never ever stopped searching at planes after. So here’s the BOAC 707 that quite considerably began it all for me back in August 1970. A Qantas 707 VJet was parked next to us. Every thing at Heathrow was incredible to me…it was my 1st airplane heaven LOL 🙂 No registration quantity though sadly.. not even certain of the variant. BOAC eventually merged with BEA and formed British Airways.

*Airplanes 101* (See Airplanes 101 Set)
Name: Boeing 707
Manufacturer: Boeing (USA)
Major Part: Massive Capacity long variety jet
Simple style: four wing mounted engines, single aisle narrow body jet.
Capacity: Roughly around 110-202 passengers
Range: 6820 – 6920km
Very first delivery date: 1958 (to Pan Am)
In Production: 1958-1979
Nevertheless in production in 2008: No
Effortlessly confused for: DC-8 series,
Major identifying points: The Antennae at the top of it is tail is the most recognizable feature of this aircraft. The fuselage looks like a stretched 737 and it has 4 little styled engines mounted on the wings..
Examples of Primary Operators: This aircraft was, along with the DC-eight, the principal inter-continental aircraft employed by airlines planet wide in the 1960s and 1970s. It was replaced by the Boeing 747, DC-ten, L1011 and A300 in the late 1970s and 1980s. Few examples are left flying these days. Numerous are cargo jets and most are situated in Asia, Africa and South America. Iran Air still flies a handful in their area. John Travolta purchased and revamped an old Qantas 707 and is flying it about the world these days. The tail would look like the tail in the photo about (Red tail to the proper of the BOAC 707 in the photo) That is likely your very best bet at seeing a single. The US military nevertheless flies a variant of the 707 as does NATO.
Key operators have been: Pan Am, TWA, American, Eastern, Northwest, Western, BOAC, Air France, Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, Olympic, TAP, MEA, Iran Air, PIA, Air India, South African, Varig, Aerolineas Argentinas, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines page.php?id=72