Nice Milling And Turning images

A few good milling and turning photos I identified:

67/365 Torenmolen Zeddam

Image by Maarten Takens
The blue hour turned out to be stunning tonight , so i took my gear and drove off to this mill .. a single of the oldest mills in the area , it was built in the Century , its walls are at three meters Thick at the bottom ,this is essential to help the head of the mill ( that can be turned into the wind , in these days there was no concrete so they had to develop genuinely thick walls 😀


Kamera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Belichtung 70 Sekunden
Blende f/16.
Brennweite 24 mm
ISO-Empfindlichkeit 200
Lens EF24-70mm f/two.8L USM