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Tokyo J – Akihabra – Akihabara Electric Town 05

Image by Daniel Mennerich
Akihabara is a district in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, Japan. The name Akihabara is a shortening of Akibagahara (autumn leaf field), which in the end comes from Akiba, named right after a fire-controlling deity for a firefighting shrine constructed right after the location was destroyed by a fire in 1869.

Akihabara gained the nickname Akihabara Electric Town (Akihabara Denki Gai) shortly right after Planet War II for getting a key shopping center for household electronic goods and the post-war black marketplace.

Nowadays, Akihabara is regarded as by a lot of to be an otaku cultural center and a shopping district for video games, anime, manga, and personal computer goods. Icons from well-liked anime and manga are displayed prominently on the shops in the area, and several maid cafés are identified all through the district.

The location that is now Akihabara was as soon as near a city gate of Edo and served as a passage among the city and northwestern Japan. This created the area a property to a lot of craftsmen and tradesmen, as well as some low class samurai. 1 of Tokyo’s frequent fires destroyed the location in 1869, and the people decided to replace the buildings of the area with a shrine named Chinkasha, meaning fire extinguisher shrine, in an try to stop the spread of future fires. The locals nicknamed the shrine Akiba soon after a deity that could handle fire, and the region about it became identified as Akibagahara and later Akihabara.

In 1890, the Akihabara Station became a significant freight transit point, which allowed a vegetable and fruit industry to spring up in the district. Then, in the 1920s, the station saw a large volume of passengers following opening for public transport, and after Globe War II, the black market place thrived in the absence of a robust government. This disconnection of Akihabara from government authority has permitted the district to grow as a marketplace city and offered rise to an outstanding atmosphere for entrepreneurship. In the 1930s, this climate turned Akihabara into a future-oriented market place region specializing in household electronics, such as washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, and stereos, earning Akihabara the nickname &quotElectric Town&quot.

As household electronics began to drop their futuristic appeal in about the 1980s, the shops of Akihabara shifted their concentrate to house computers at a time when they were only utilized by specialists and hobbyists. This new specialization brought in a new sort of consumer, personal computer nerds or otaku.

The industry in Akihabara naturally latched onto their new client base that was focused on anime, manga, and video games. The connection among Akihabara and otaku has survived and grown to the point that the area is now identified worldwide as a center for otaku culture, and most otaku even contemplate Akihabara to be a sacred location.


Image by new 1lluminati
Paradise View of the Demon Realms:
Unenlightened Bardo Realms ~

In the Demon Realms the denizens think nothing of killing and devouring their fellow beings, even when they realize that their victims are self-conscious and really feel pain just as the demons do. Demons eat flesh not because they have to, but since they pick to. They train their young to wish the burned flesh of other individuals, so that it seems a all-natural appropriate for them to needlessly slaughter other beings at their whim.

Demons even contact the enslavement of terrified beings (whose unavoidable destinies are proclaimed to be absolutely nothing much more meaningful than to further fatten the demons’ stomachs) a noble ‘pastoral enterprise’, as they destroy Paradise to fatten their herds and turn fertile soil-wealthy lands full of diverse life-types into the barren wastelands of the Demon Realms. The rest of their food is tainted, half-rotted and often completely contrived from waste merchandise and toxic chemical compounds.

In the Demon Realms there is no clean fresh water. The demons add poisons to it just before they drink it and swim in chemical-laden water laced with their own urine and excrement.

In the Demon Realms there is neither silence nor peace. Noise envelopes the demonic hordes in a numbing cocoon and their time is crammed complete with needless anxiety and pointless – but destructive – activity. They never have adequate time to genuinely reflect on their existence or have a likelihood of changing it. Their overloaded senses grow to be dulled and jaded and the demons crave ever a lot more empty diversions and entertainments with ever-escalating levels of death, violence and other vividly distracting passions.

In the Demon Realms there is no object or living thing that hasn’t been placed there by demons. They all live inside the concretised manifestations of their demonic minds, in no way seeing something produced and planted by Nature. Every little thing they see, hear, smell, taste or touch has been erected by other demons.

In the Demon Realms they breathe smoke, poisons and fumes in an all-pervasive translucent cloud of sulfurous brimstone. They heat and chill the air with infernal combustion machines that add toxic chemical compounds and poisonous vapours to their atmospheres, and virtually everything is powered by machinery that poisons their air all the much more. The far more cunning and thoughtless demons blow hot, dead air and smoke out of their edifices, into the lungs of those who cannot afford to do the identical to them.

The demons see the globe as their oyster – not as a priceless pearl – and say it is their correct to destroy the beauty and bounty of nature – which they get in touch with ‘resources’. They expand the Demon Realms into the shrinking sanctuaries of Paradise with their endless rapacious activity. They think that may tends to make appropriate and that those with chunks of glittering metal torn from the Earth’s bosom deserve to rule and devour whatever they will. They believe that the demon with the greatest gun has the inherent right to all energy. They believe that God is on all their sides when they slaughter each other, and they are all correct in that belief.

In the Demon Realms the chief demons make continual war on every single other to preserve their demonic forces nicely entrained to be capable to wage more war, terror and death. The tribal demons fight for illusory symbols like flags and totems, to give them much more energy to release their hidden fears, bigotries and hatreds on absolutely everyone else. The greatest killers are praised as heroes.

In the Demon Realms no-one can trade or participate in life without employing imaginary symbols of Energy inscribed on paper, metal or congealed oil. Their emperor has no garments but it is mandatory to praise his glittering raiment.

In the Demon Realms almost everything not forbidden soon becomes compulsory.

In the Demon Realms everybody is ill and delusional, out of touch with Nature and their personal accurate natures. Most demons inexorably kill themselves with their daily suicidal behaviour and rarely live much more than a single century.

In the Demon Realms there are a handful of angels working to save Paradise and aid elevate all beings with their accurate possible.

They require YOU. Stick to the rainbow – along the Green middle path which leads by way of its centre!

These days a silver perch leaping from the stream, over and more than, following a dragonfly as it leapt from its element in pursuit of identified unknowns. A grey falcon swoops on the flock of guinea fowl and the peacocks ruffle their feathers. Black cockatoos greet the coming storm with loud articulate screeches that carry sentences of meaning with every second’s squawk.

We move timber and stone, soil and sand, and an old cast iron bathtub. A logger comes to see if there are and ‘cheap’ trees ‘for sale’. A handful of much more trees go into the ground when he’s gone, as Emerald catbirds and Wompoo pigeons celebrate his departure.

“See that mirror surface?” I say to Dave as we rest for a couple of minutes beneath the reforming rainforest canopy. The deep pool has stilled as the storm bird starts its escalating cry. “See that meniscus forming on the surface like a lens?”

“Sure,” Dave replies. “Just like a slightly curved mirror.”

“The water’s literally bulging upward toward the waters above – it’s an electrical phenomenon if you like, as the water strains to make make contact with with itself. It’s a relatively certain sign that we’re about to have a thunderstorm…” A few ripples begin to type on the nevertheless surface. “Are they falling up, do you suppose?”

The lightning arrives thirty seconds later.

Paradise is a forest – just beyond the open field of your vision in the Demon Realms – and all demons are forgetful angels.

– R. Ayana


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