Slippery when wet

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Slippery when wet

Image by PeterThoeny
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In summer time 2009 we walked via the Aar Gorge (Aareschlucht) in Switzerland. This is a section of the river Aar that carves through a limestone ridge close to the town of Meiringen. The gorge is an indirect item of glaciation – 10,000 years ago, just as the Ice Age was coming to an end, torrential runoff water from melting glaciers eroded a deep, narrow chasm by way of the limestone barrier. Despite the fact that barely a single mile long, this passage is bordered by sheer cliffs up to 50 m high on either side. (Ref. Wikipedia)

I wanted to convey the wet nature of the gorge, so I applied some inventive HDR post-processing to it. The image is based on a single shot with a point and shoot Sony camera – as you can see the river is overexposed due to higher dynamic range. Nevertheless, I think it turned out OK like this. What do you think?

HDR, 1 expoure, DSC-W1. DSC06431-2009-07-19_hdr1cre1c

no left turns

Image by gato-gato-gato

Image from web page 33 of “Germany” (1912)

Image by Net Archive Book Pictures
Identifier: germanypainted00dick
Title: Germany
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Dickie, James F., 1848- Compton, Edward Theodore, ill Compton, E. Harrison (Edward Harrison), ill
Subjects: Germany — Description and travel
Publisher: London : A. &amp C. Black
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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Text Appearing Just before Image:
and brought wealth and activity into whatused to be a sleepy old town. German workmenhave been attracted, and German enterprise hascreated a new city with fantastic factories, great bazaars,and splendid palaces. Thus a sturdy Germanpolitical influence makes itself manifest. It is truethe old French feeHng is nonetheless very persistent, anddies challenging even following forty years of Germanoccupation. The Royal Palace and the splendidUniversity buildings have added new beauties, andaided in creating a local pride even in the hearts ofthe most radical adherents of the French connection.New Strasburg is not an expansion of the old, butan entirely new development. Its aspect iscompletely changed, and it may possibly be mentioned to be anew city with only the Cathedral and the beautifulmediaeval Kommerzells house, which adorns theCathedral square, left as memorials of the oldentime. In the middle ages Strasburg had in its garrison STRASBURG One of the numerous canals in the old element of thetown. Cathedral in the distance.

Text Appearing Right after Image:
STRASBURG AND THE BLACK FOREST 9 numerous Swiss hired soldiers. An old folk-songsheds light on this ancient usage : At Strasburg on the extended lengthy bridge I stood upon a day,When southwards as I turned my eyes The mists lay thick and grey. Behind that veil of mist/ methought, In glorious radiance standThe Alps, with all their lofty peaks, In my Swiss Fatherland. As as a result I mused and thus I felt A youth came gradually by.Who played upon the Alpine horn Our loved property melody. Then, growing hot and cold by turns, I plunged into the flood,To breast the Rhine with stalwart arm And sweetly-tingling blood. Had not the sergeant spied me then. No ill had I to dree.They chased and caught me, And to-days the final of days for me. O masters mine, just inform me how Could I resist that contact ?The lad who played the Alpine horn— Just blame him for my fall. But lead me out beyond the gate Your fifteen paces set.And shoot like guys, But, ere ye do,^ my last want may I get. 1 It was the custom in ancient instances t

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