20081108 – vehicles – 170-7042 – Carolyn’s vehicle – hole in hose

20081108 – vehicles – 170-7042 – Carolyn’s vehicle – hole in hose

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20081108 – automobiles – 170-7042 – Carolyn’s vehicle – hole in hose

Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Even though attempting to jump Clint’s battery, Carolyn found that her vehicle had a hole in the hose. She took this image in order to show her mechanic uncle. She never ever got a opportunity to show him the picture, but her automobile failed emissions since of this hole. Her normal gas station turned her away saying their bay doors had been broken. So she had to go to a various gas station. The second gas station just turned out to be a waste of time.

The guy came in and told Carolyn her low coolant light was on and asked if she wanted him to add coolant. She said &quotIt has a leak so it really is usually on, and I have coolant at property.&quot (Really, it does have a leak, but the sensor is broken, and she had already added coolant a few days prior to. She must have pointed out the broken sensor but did not.) So he somewhat nastily mentioned, &quotIf I don’t put coolant in, it will be a rejection.&quot So she said, &quotOh, then yes, please place coolant in&quot He mumbled one thing and walked out the door. Carolyn, pondering he was getting the coolant, putting it into her vehicle, and adding the expense to her bill continued to wait in the gas station lobby. 15 minutes later, the guy comes back in and was like, &quotSo, what, do you want me to reject it?&quot She was confused, and he mentioned since of the coolant. So she said, &quotNo, I mentioned to add coolant.&quot He then acted all place out, and went out the front, got a container of coolant, and took it up to the cash register. Carolyn was like &quotOK, I guess he won’t just add it to the bill&quot, and went to the cashier and started fumbling for her wallet. The guy was not communicative in the slightest. Then he mentioned &quotOh, did you want to pay for that later?&quot and Carolyn mentioned, &quotYes&quot So he took the container out and stated it would be about 15 minutes.

Sometime later (possibly 30 minutes, perhaps a lot more), he came in and Carolyn was considering, &quotFinally, I’m carried out and can get on with my life&quot No, the guy reported that he had to reject it simply because of the hole in the hose. So, it was fairly a waste of time. Carolyn showed her uncle the hole, and the paperwork from the gas station, and her uncle informed her that they did not even test the car for the emissions, so what the hell exactly where they undertaking for the hour-and-a-half+ she was there?? Her uncle mentioned it looked like they just opened the hood and failed it based on the hole in the hose. So, it was a total waste of time.

Also, even though Carolyn was waiting, a customer came in and said to the cashier that he wanted his oil changed. The cashier pointed him to the door to the garage – the 1 that said &quotEmployees only&quot and said to go out there. The buyer was like, &quotuh, what do I say?&quot and the cashier was like, &quotHello.&quot The guy was like &quotooook&quot and went via the door. Then he was ushered back into the cashier location and the gas station employee told the cashier that subsequent time to come get a person themselves and not to send the consumer out there.

Then, the client was confused about the brand of oil. He wanted normal Pennzoil, or normal Mobil oil, but the only type of oil they had was some no-name brand that he had in no way heard of. He was like &quotYou never have Pennzoil?&quot and the gas station employee mentioned, &quotNo, we have this brand.&quot Then the consumer stated, &quotWhat about Mobil?&quot &quotWe have Mobil synthetic.&quot The consumer mentioned, &quotWhat type of oil is this? Who makes it?&quot And the gas station employee actually said, &quotI don’t make it.&quot Carolyn was standing in the corner just laughing inside at the complete exchange. That poor buyer dealing with these incompetent gas station staff. She had no thought that meanwhile, the other incompentant employee was doing who-knows-what-but-not-testing-her-auto-for-emissions.

Carolyn’s dad fixed the hose, and she went to her regular gas station whose bay doors were fixed by then, and now her emissions is up-to-date.

Pontiac Grand Am car, auto engine, hole, hose.

front yard, Clint and Carolyn’s home, Alexandria, Virginia.

November 8, 2008.

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