Puch MV50 Steyr Daimler moped (1980)

Puch MV50 Steyr Daimler moped (1980)

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Puch MV50 Steyr Daimler moped (1980)

Image by The Postal Museum
In the 1970s, the bigger suppliers of motorcycles to the Post Office progressively gave way to other tends to make such as Puch, Honda and Kawasaki.

Puch mopeds had been employed in modest numbers for each Telegram and letter delivery function. Its tiny size produced it most suitable for low volume deliveries in towns and rural places.

The machine on display was utilised at the Northern District Office, London (based at Finsbury Park).

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AGA Operate

Image by Melinda Stuart
My wonderful AGA cooker got a after-a-decade going more than by Walter Sands, AGA-man extraordinaire, who specializes in developing these amazing stoves in place. Following 1 purchases an AGA, it is assembled in its final location by a specialist, such as Walter. Built of enameled cast iron, they weigh about 1,000 lbs., so you do not move them around with out disassembly. This is hardly ever completed, but sometimes owners choose to take them along to a new residence. 1 does get quite attached to them!

I do not have enough space here to explain and speak about our relationship with this object in our lives. It is so significantly more than &quotan appliance&quot.
Those of you who know me, know that I typically let Wikipedia do my explaining for me–
they do it so nicely! So:

That offers you &quothow they perform&quot.
But the very best element is how critical they turn out to be to your life! Their warm heat (not also hot) is a living presence. When ours was off for two days–the fault of the fuel supplier who inexplicably forgot to fill our tank!–we missed it quite much–especially as the period coincided with a couple of winter’s coldest days.

The fuel difficulty caused failure of the thermocouple which then required replacing, and Walter, the AGA-man, took the chance to give the cooker a complete appear-over, which it hadn’t had in a decade. He declared it in surprisingly excellent condition.

There are no moving parts in an AGA (and no microchips, to my expertise!!!) except the burner you see in Walter’s hands–and that doesn’t move much. Practically nothing considerably to break and the thermocouple is pretty low-cost to replace (now used to be ). The ovens are self-cleaning. Only the exterior requirements wiping down with a cloth, and about every six months I give it a polish, as shown in the upper two views.

These machines are pricey (but ours, purchased in 1998, price half the present cost)–and they a lot more than spend for themselves in functionality. I have no microwave, no toaster, no slow-cooker or such. Plus they dry (and even iron!) garments–and 100 other things (actually). And feel of all the bread it bakes perfectly? They turn out to be heirlooms–and employed ones, if 1 can be located, are still expensive. These never get trucked to the junk metal man!

Yes, we love our AGA.

PS: In reading the Wikipedia entry above, I see that their reasonably high usage of fossil fuels is called to account and that when compared to an &quotordinary gas stove&quot they don’t stack up as well nicely. But, we stand by the several intangible side rewards experienced, some of which I mention above, and the ambient space heating which is of considerable worth three quarters of the year. We do not turn ours off in summer, but I preserve threatening to do so. (Where would I bake my bread?)

The Wiki report states that sales have dropped tremendously in recent years, but the last date talked about is 2009. I’m told that installations for 2013, at least in the States, have picked up considerably. Possibly this all has to do with the common recession we’ve knowledgeable and are now beginning (they inform us) to come out of. The AGA is here for the extended haul!