Some cool cnc cutting machine pictures:


Image by J@M€S
The “CAMBOYO” 8×10 is lastly completed and prepared for action! This camera consists of a basic CAMBO SC 8×10 to which was added a TOYO film back /ground glass (therefore resulting in a “CAMBOYO”. The project came about after discovering the front and rear aspects of a CAMBO SC in a thrift shop (for USD). Getting it to the present (completely operational) stage was very difficult but, soon after loads of the laser cutting, CNC machining, sand blasting, anodising and fitment of a replacement bellows I’m actually happy with the finish result.
•CAMBO SC 8×10 front and rear elements with mono rail.
•Film back / ground glass – TOYO 8×10
•Front Lens board – Custom created
•Tripod mounting block – Custom created
•Monorail clamp rail – Custom produced
•Lens – Schneider Kreutznach (Artar 310mm)
Test shots quickly to follow….

1st Full 3d Model Test Cut

Image by FEARstyle
Shopbot creating the initial plunge reduce of the intersected box and sphere model in layers.

To do a full 3d model on a 3 axis machine we wanted to test cut one thing straightforward. a Sphere intersected into a box with a slight hold on the prime and bottom. An best test.


Image by smellsofbikes
Big Blue Saw CNC waterjet-reduce forms: 3/16&quot 6061 aluminum.