Advances Add Up For 3D Printing

Advances Add Up For 3D Printing
Nine parts additively manufactured on a single sub plate, ready for final subtractive manufacturing through classic milling, grinding and so on. Photo courtesy of Georg Fisher Machine Systems. …. The resulting structures are smooth adequate to be employed …

Where do iPhones go to die?
The plant is 1 of a handful around the planet, selected by Apple to grind up and recycle its iconic phones. And just as the firms that manufacture the handsets are subject to strict requirements and secrecy, the same applies in reverse for their …
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Meet the Man Who Made Virtual Reality &#39Feel&#39 More Real
The organization says it will discover a way to decrease the noise. And although humans can&#39t hear the ultrasound waves themselves, dogs and cats can. Ultrahaptics says the sound hasn&#39t triggered a canine reaction in tests, but pledges that pets won&#39t be affected …
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