Hardinge Inc. (HDNG) Concerns Earnings Benefits, Beats Expectations By $.08 EPS

Hardinge Inc. (HDNG) Problems Earnings Final results, Beats Expectations By Hardinge Incorporated (NASDAQ:HDNG) Short Interest Decreased By 21.93%
The Firm supplies higher precision laptop controlled metal-cutting turning machines, grinding machines, vertical machining centers, and accessories related to these machines. It has 23.13 P/E ratio. The Firm&#39s operating divisions include …
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.08 EPS

Hardinge logo Hardinge Inc. (NASDAQ:HDNG) announced its quarterly earnings data on Thursday. The firm reported $ .45 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, beating the Zacks&#39 consensus estimate of $ .37 by $ .08, MarketBeat reports. The firm&nbsp…
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Peculiar Individuals: February feet, strappy stilettos and foot ambivalence
I&#39ve located it&#39s significantly less difficult than attempting to hold my foot nevertheless on a belt sander without having grinding into the pink flesh. It&#39s not that I mind having somebody else soak, buff, trim, wax and polish my feet — it&#39s just that it requires so lengthy for … When all …
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