Engineering branch bolsters recruitment strategy after immigration vote

Engineering branch bolsters recruitment strategy after immigration vote
The Swiss engineering industry is turning to young people, women and older workers to meet a dire need for employees in the coming years. Its trade organisation says the February vote limiting immigration from Europe has compounded its recruitment woes.

Yellowstone Club Trustee Offers Bounty To Find Blixseth's Missing Millions
Once he gets a hold of a bone he doesn't turn it loose.” Blixseth appears more than equal to the challenge. …. The judge overseeing Yellowstone Club's bankruptcy did Blixseth a huge favor by essentially China cutting Credit Suisse out of any recovery in …
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Republican Dan Sullivan beats Tea Partier Joe Miller in Alaska Senate primary
Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary. However, Miller then turned out to be so unapologetically right wing that Murkowski came back and won reelection anyway as a write-in candidate. (And yes, her campaign successfully trained voters to write in …
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History on two wheels
Alexa Poeppelman, of New Bremen, takes a try on a “penny farthing”, bicycles that were popular with upper-class Victorians in the late-19th and early 20th-century Victorians. The front wheels were deliberately large to get the maximum distance with one …
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