The One On The Correct Never ever Operates

A couple of nice engine turning images I identified:

The One On The Proper By no means Operates

Image by boggerthelogger
After a day of each and every train being late due to slightly defective track, leaky pipes, just getting late or employees not turning up on time at least i had a likelihood to get a piccie of this wee beaut! Taken August 2010.

Air-cooled Corvair Motor

Image by OpalMirror
The belt drive pully is in the rear of the engine on the rear-engine Corvair. It’s air cooled by a blower which sits on top of the engine, and a shroud around it. Both sides of the fan belt turn 90 degrees more than tensioners to drive the blower fan. Front and center is a DC generator, carbeuretor is to the the left and distributor to the appropriate.

917K engine, transmission, rear wheelshouses, suitcase holders

Image by wbaiv