Western Maryland Railway

Some cool engine turning pictures:

Western Maryland Railway

Image by Lee Cannon
Western Maryland steam engine on the turn table in Frostburg, MD.

Heart of the machine

Image by Images by John ‘K’
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It is the first Wednesday of June, and so Principal Street through downtown Pleasanton was closed for one more &quotFirst Wednesday&quot street party, and as often, proud neighborhood owners of some stunning old cars turned up to show off their cars.

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Official 2009 RAMONES calendar – 1/2 marked value!!

Image by Ramones Karaoke
Gabba Gabba Hey indeed – much more like WHOOO HOOO!!!!

Dee Dee going ape, Johnny’s hand position indicating that this is either the intro to California Sun or the solo in I Never Wanna Walk Around with You (I have a tendency towards the latter, but sorry I can not be far more specific!), and he’s playing the BLUE MOSRITE dammit!!, Tommy becoming awesome and cool all at as soon as, and Joey being the usual freaky stick insect oddball – gosh, I come over all nostalgic and downright weird when I see old Ramones concert images. Brilliant. And now a distinct image each month for the subsequent year. Yay!

That was definitely one particular productive trip to the designer outlet mall. The true mission remained unaccomplished, but this was a good compensation.