Aluminium Machining in China

As one leading CNC aluminium machining China company, our high precision milling capabilities cover full range of requirements, including horizontal milling, vertical milling, high speed milling, bridgeport milling, 5 axis milling, custom aluminium milling, etc.

CNC milling process is an efficient way to cut material in 3 to 5 dimensions to make the intended part shape. Due to its good capabilities and great efficiency, precision milling has been the most famous precise machining service all over the world.

While the CNC milling equipment provides precision and efficiency, our technicians can do Manual Milling for jobs which require special large size or repair, which will meet some clients' requirements for full range of different components and parts.

Our CNC milling services could apply for all types of metals plus main hard plastics, which include Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper, Carbon Steel, Iron, Bronze, Sterling Silver, Titanium, Nylon, Acetal, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Carbon fiber, Fiberglass, Acrylic, ABS, PTFE, etc.


Wire EDM Cutting

As one of high precision CNC machining China manufacturers, all our electrical discharge machines were purchased from Sodick company in Japan, which makes the best EDM equipment around the world. Our EDM machines operate 24/7 at high speed. Each of our 50+ wire EDM devices logs an average of 70+ hours per week.

Wire EDM makes it possible for design parts and precise components which need tight tolerance and more functions, without limits of traditional machining methods.

EDM wire cutting services offer super high dimension accuracy for tiny parts and close components. This process can produce very sharp internal corners, which could cut the smallest material thickness low to only 0.005 mm. What's more important, custom moulds are not required at all.

Lots of jobs with the runs from 50 to 6000 PCS are suitable for the production of our wire EDM cutting services. Because wire cutting EDM doesn't require the expensive moulds, a request for just couple of parts isn't a limit, need for dozens of parts either.


Precision CNC Turning

Being a professional aluminium machining China factory, the turning machines we have are capable of turning at close tolerance. We can turn all types of parts from forgings, castings and bar stock, and most rigid metal materials at tight accuracy.

CNC turning process offers a low-cost and quick way to produce components that are symmetrical around one axis of shift. That's reason that it is becoming much more important in recent machining industry.

Turning via CNC equipment manufactures parts by "spinning" pole material then feeding a cutter into material. On CNC lathes, raw material will spin when one cutter is moved into spinning work-piece. Sharp cutter could be fed under various angles and lots of shapes could be used.

Part shapes which can be reached by turning cover a wide range of contour, fillet, plain, radius profiles, threaded surfaces and taper. This machining method can be coordinated with precision milling process and other precise machining ways to achieve different shapes.


Accurate Grinding

Based on the kind of different materials, precision-ground components could be manufactured with surface roughness limited to about 16 micro. In our manufacturing factory, we may grind angles, flats and radii on different or special parts.

CNC Outside-Diameter grinders let us provide our customers with possibility for the most complicated centre-type grinding jobs. Our company also has Inner-Diameter grinders to process different ID grinding jobs.

Surface grinding equipment has been used to remove a little amount of raw material, having a fine flat surface at high precision level, that is an crucial precision aluminium machining China process to produce high precise parts and absolute components.

Grinding is a time-spending job comparing to other machining methods. But it's well worth having high accuracy. As a modern precision aluminum CNC machining China supplier, we can offer the toughest grinding tolerance and the best surface for clients.