Precision Machining Services

Being a CNC precision machining services Chinese supplier for various practices across many industries, we offer diverse precise machining processes, which include CNC turning, CNC milling, precision grinding and quality tapping, EDM wire cut also accurate laser cutting.

Sinker EDM and wire EDM cutting have been playing a very important role in machining industry to attain tight tolerance, specially for parts and products in small quantity.

We can manufacture all types of metals and most hard plastics, including steel, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze, nylon, ABS, etc. We are good at machining of complicated parts quickly in steady high quality outputs, getting tight tolerance as low as 0.003mm. Furthermore, all production phases are performed on-site.

The high product quality, quick turnarounds, reasonable prices and excellent customer services secure our company to be one of the best precision CNC machining services providers in China.


Part Designing

As a competent China precision machining services provider, except producing parts based on drawings and product samples, the Engineering team of our factory also can design mechanical parts and components for customers. Our Engineers own rich designing knowledge also are skillful with most CAD software, including Inventor, Pro-Engineering and Solidworks.

Once clients offer a concept, a sketch or real samples, we are capable to accomplish their demands of product mission or part quality at fast speed.

First, the technical drawings will be sent to clients for initial approval. Once customers approve the drawings, we will produce samples for function testing and send them to customers for final confirmation. The next stage is to arrange small batch production immediately based on sealed samples.

The capacity of part designing is one of essential evaluation benchmarks for each Chinese precision CNC machining services supplier in the current machining industry.


Component Assembly

We offers engineering parts assembly service to support customers to increase competence and reduce machining time and production costs. The savings will help our clients to win more competition.

The full-service advance we can provide to customers with a simple source for full assembly demands - from tiny sub-assemblies to large equipment.


Tooling Production

If customers want to build plastic injection molds or sheet metal stamping tooling, we have the experienced professionals to get them done right and fast. Cooperating with our factory, clients will receive good quality products along with fast lead time.