CNC Machining Centers

Quantity: 10 Sets

Accuracy grade: 0.02 mm

Imported from: Japan & Taiwan

As a professional Chinese precision machine shop for 10 years, our factory has CNC milling centers imported from Japan and Taiwan. The high quality milling equipment guarantees the manufacturing effectiveness of high precision parts. We only select machines from world-class CNC milling machine manufacturers.


The EDM Equipment

Wire EDM: 5 Sets

EDM Sinker: 3 Sets

Accuracy class: 0.003 mm

Produced in: Japan

Machine Brand: Sodick

Being one advanced CNC machine shop in China that has operated for nearly ten years, we have both wire EDM & sinker EDM equipment purchased from Japan dominant manufacturer which is named Sodick. Its accuracy level can be achieved low to 0.003mm. These machines are essential to make super precision products.

EDM wire cutting will be the most competitive option for machining parts in small to medium batch, since no mould or tooling is needed.


CNC Lathes

Quantity: 6 Sets

Max precision: 0.005 mm

Produced in: Taiwan

As a trustworthy China CNC machining shop more than 9 years, we got most CNC turning machines purchased from Taiwan. Their maximum precision could be achieved to 0.005mm. The machines are perfect for manufacturing round products.


Precision Grinding Machines

Cylindrical Grinder: 6 Sets

Grinder of Surface: 2 Sets

Tolerance Limit: 0.002 mm

Made in: Taiwan

As a professional machine shop in China that has opened for years, we have CNC grinding equipment that are mostly produced in Taiwan. Their precision limit could be got as small as 0.003mm. They are playing crucial role in manufacturing high precision parts.