Precision Machining Parts

Being an outstanding high precision CNC machined parts Chinese manufacturer, we are able to make quality machining parts for many different industries, like electronics, automotive, communication, motorcycle, medical devices, machine tools, sporting goods, etc.

The precision CNC machined parts that we machine mostly include CNC turned parts, precision milled components, precision grinding parts and EDM wire cut products. Our factory can produce the full range of CNC machining parts in China according to various materials, including aluminum, copper, steel, brass and stainless steel, etc.

From designing to manufacturing, fabricating to installing, our internal facility provides all resources needed to meet the demands of clients, together with an entire online project managing service.

No matter the idea or material customers have, our machining factory will shape it according to requests. That's the reason that we've been the leading CNC machined parts manufacturer in China for years.


Mould/Tooling Parts

As one professional Chinese precision machined parts supplier, we make injection mold parts for many customers in various industries every year. Among most cases, we not only design but also manufacture the entire sets of mould for both national clients and abroad customers.

Furthermore, we also manufacture a wide range of components of metal stamping tooling. Complete sets of mould can be also produced based on clients' requirements.

Most our employees have been engaged in injection moulding and metal stamping field over 20 years. Our factory has the solid experience and necessary technology to produce high quality injection mold parts and precise stamping tooling products, to become the primary precision tooling parts China manufacturer.

In addition to making high precision mold parts for clients, we are capable to design components according to their needs, since our company has a team of qualified design Engineers specialized in tooling design.


Fixtures & Jigs

Fixtures and jigs are very important tools to produce quality products among a lot of industries, specially those are in high precision, like digital cameras and smart phones.

Because jigs and fixtures must be at super tight tolerance, also the raw material and heat treatment have to be chosen and applied correctly, only a few manufacturers in China are able to produce high quality fixtures.

As a dominant Chinese CNC precision machining parts manufacturer, we can design, manufacture and test fixtures or jigs based on the special requirements of clients.


Auto Related Parts

The components of automotive products are another main range that we are supplying to clients.

To serve customers of auto components, our facility offers the top degree of services with a background of almost ten years manufacturing experience as a precision machined parts China producer.