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China 511450

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Being one professional precision CNC turned parts China manufacturer, we can make good use of CNC lathe machines to machine CNC turning components exactly and quickly. Plenty of different types of raw materials could be manufactured by our precision CNC turning equipment, including steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, carbon steel, etc.

Sometimes clients might want to produce some regular components in mass. In this situation, we will purchase customize-made materials that are very close to the part shape. Different from regular round bars in the market, the customized raw materials are lighter. In this way, not only obvious material costs will be saved for customers, but also huge time of machining.

Our company always tries the best to lower costs and save time for clients. That's the reason we have become one of the most respectable precision turning parts manufacturers in China.


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As an excellent Chinese CNC turning parts manufacturer for almost ten years, we already get solid experience and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture all types of special turning parts with unusual structure and shape.

The manufacturing steps are pretty important for the types of parts. Each step has to be taken carefully and correctly. If not, the entire part will be wasted. Being an experienced CNC precision turned parts China manufacturer, we already master the most important points.