CNC Machining Manufacturer

As a professional precision CNC machining company in China, we have continuously served hundreds of customers from North America, Europe and Japan for 10 years.

Our services include CNC turning, CNC milling, sinker EDM, wire EDM, OD grinding, ID grinding, deep drilling, etc. With almost 10 years of precise machining experience also advanced technology, we got success in lots of industries, for example automotive, electronics, communication, medical devices, mechanical components, plastic mould and sports machines, etc.

The goal of our factory is to be world-class CNC machining company in China, which forever try to achieve high quality level to provide clients with high precise machined parts at low costs plus fast delivery.

Quality costs everything for each Chinese CNC milling company. No matter the order is small or big , we will inspect and test each part to ensure it's at high quality. As one customer-oriented China precision machining company, we won't stop improving our services and product quality.


Our People

There is not just equipment.

We think that advanced equipment isn't the chief factor for a Chinese CNC precision milling factory. Only the right people who have solid experience and good technology can machine high precision components efficiently and correctly.

Our company has a first-rate management team, all of whom have applied themselves to machining field and related industries over 20 years. They understand accuracy of precise machining and know how to deal with production problems quickly.

Furthermore, our factory has more than thirty experienced and well-trained technicians, who have stayed with us when the company was set up. They guarantee the business success of the company.

The sales team consists of people who are not just English translators, but were former professional mechanical engineers. That's the reason why they are able to discuss with clients for any engineering detail exactly and quickly.


Company Principles

The Quality Is Company Life.

We absolutely know the value of product quality for every China precision machining manufacturer. Accordingly, we have carries out strict quality controlling system over the whole machining procedure. Our company can't tolerate a tiny fault on our quality parts.

Time Means Money.

It's a highly competitive global world now. If we could save machining time for clients, we will save big money for their companies too. When an order is confirmed, we'll start production immediately and try our best to deliver parts before lead-time. Our promises never break.

As a honest China CNC milling company that has been operating for nearly ten years, we realize how to get high quality which clients request and save time and costs to support them to succeed.

We believe success of clients would bring achievement to our factory also.


Our Customers

Our indirect and direct clients mostly include Toyota, Tupperware, Huawei, Gree, Midea and Guangri, which are happy with our reliable services and have continued business relationship with our company for past years.

Being a professional precision machined parts manufacturer in china, we have constantly tried the best to assist customers for any machining project.